The search engine spider crawling rule quest two whether the chain of timeliness

first, the chain page has been deleted, the chain is


"one of the search engine spiders crawling spider to grab the link" quest of writing from the more than 20 day today, wanted to keep going, but after finished first, suddenly had no idea. Today with friends say the timeliness of the chain, that is to say the chain will not be failure.

the answer may be surprising to many, the chain page where no snapshot still can be effective. The reason I can view on the spider to grab the links in this article to write, after the spiders to crawl the page, will separate the content and links, the link is URL will add a URL index library, and spider crawling is starting from this web site index database.

I feel it is up, and I have a domain name A link in the blog of bokee贵族宝贝, had just made a jump to the blog page. Later when I enable domain A blog, immediately get a good weight, but the easy is the second. I believe this 5 years ago to play a role in many links.


second, if the chain page search engine no snapshot, the chain is effective?




look at the evidence, the evidence from Google Webmaster Tools:

in my blog Chinese blog (probably because the flow rate exceed the standard in 2006 was deleted) has already been deleted, but Shanghai still has a snapshot of love. See the snapshot of the home page today is gone, but the pages still exist. See can see the snapshot date is 2006, or even longer.

is the page has been deleted for 5 years, but Shanghai did not delete snapshots of love, then you say there will not link spider climb

is no longer relevant content, but will give some examples to show that the first article, also said a link of timeliness.

This paper discusses the theory of



answer the chain page to delete is still valid. The evidence is as follows:

this screenshot from aristocratic baby webmaster tools for fault diagnosis of the 404 report, I set up a BBS in the original site below before, of course early in the N years ago has been deleted. But this does not exist in the page, the source address is noble baby spiders crawl page actually also does not exist. With noble baby search, is not the snapshot of the pages (below). It is not meant to have 404 outbound links for a long time the page is still valid