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"what to write, NAG Leng is more than 1000 words, do not know what is the theme of this article

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1 reasonable segmentation, use boldface or Arabia digital

believe this is the most often complain that everyone read things, many authors nag has written a long text, but let the reader, do not understand what is said here, so this article will have a market? Editors every day to read hundreds of articles, if you can’t let the editor understand the meaning of inside in a short period of time, you feel that others will continue to read? Apparently not, so when writing we must pay attention to the white, the article presents the subject as soon as possible, do not hide.

1 the best content combined with today’s hot, for example, you can write the Internet business, combined with the success of Facebook that can attract readers.

2 the proper use of network language, between close to readers.

2 in each segment are equipped with a word of general language



"although the article is very professional, but I really don’t want to look dull as ditch water,


3 process tone to the right, do not write the lesson type of tone, communication is more important than reasoning.

in the title

3 on the subject of the article, the article reflects the essence of

A5 had to say there are many master, the readability they write is very high, but it often appear a very embarrassing situation, that is A5 in the crowd is many novice webmaster, they do not have much understanding of the industry, but this time the authors say something about knowledge or programming code skills they certainly wouldn’t understand, so everyone in writing the article must as far as possible the "vernacular", explaining the most popular language, raise interest, to learn this, seize the reader’s eye. Especially for those skilled but write failures of webmaster friends, this approach is not effective.

boring techniques:

A5, will find that every day the old webmaster introduced their soft writing experience here, whether it is the design or material obtaining aspects that are very detailed, but these pure reasoning is really useful? Take my friends, every day he came back here. Learn, then go back to write something, but in the end or through the article, why is this? Is not the old webmaster’s wrong in misleading, but we did not grasp the psychology of the readers, don’t know what the most "market", many people put their feelings of people read the article write down is the best writing essentials.


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