The three major factors in recent years, the rapid development of Shanghai Dragon

also said Shanghai Longfeng no threshold, as long as any Internet friends can be engaged in the Shanghai dragon, but may have many webmaster to counter the "Shanghai dragon is to be able to read the website code!", but do not understand the code can be engaged in other aspects of the dragon and Phoenix in Shanghai, for example Links exchange and the website update and release. So now that the Internet everywhere is the name of Shanghai dragon training under the banner of the website, which each webmaster level is uneven, so the effect of training is not the same.

if you ask what is the most current mainstream network promotion way? There must be countless stationmaster friends shouting in unison: "Shanghai must be a dragon!" yes, Shanghai dragon is the rapid development in recent years is, like Zhao Benshan’s essay in a classic advertising word "that is gongs and drums, firecrackers, red flags fluttering, huge crowds of people ah" Shanghai dragon so why there is so much charm? Love the stars of a simple analysis of the following three reasons:


, the first Shanghai dragon compared to the traditional way of promotion, the cost is very small

may have a dream, for most passionate friends, our biggest obstacle is the capital, Shanghai dragon has become the friends the most favorable assistant, only compared to the traditional promotion for less money, and spend some time and effort can be effective to promote their products and services so, the first pot of gold and many entrepreneurs are starting from the Shanghai dragon.

second, Shanghai dragon lower threshold

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third, Shanghai dragon can bring to a website very large flow

practitioners continue to grow, indeed to the Shanghai dragon industry has brought great development, but the effect is also accompanied by obviously, due to the Shanghai dragon Er level uneven, resulting in excessive optimization of websites and Internet is flooded with a lot of garbage, repeated, meaningless information. So, love the stars here to remind the webmaster friends: everything should have a degree, so as to ensure the stability of Shanghai Longfeng to develop for a long time, not because of momentary interests and undermine the overall ecological environment of Shanghai Longfeng industry, it would be too The loss outweighs the gain..

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Summary: with the Shanghai dragon

now the vast majority of the site traffic from search engines, and in Chinese love Shanghai is clearly a dominant search engine China occupy most of the market share, and we undertake to the website of Shanghai Longfeng the purpose of optimization is because the keyword of the website can get a good ranking in the search engine, so through the search engine to bring huge traffic to the site, and then put the flow into the actual profits.