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in "bitter" than before, to say, is not to say that all Internet companies in the new board are not going well, there are still a lot of financial company a lot of money in the new board, the growth performance is also good, the company will be listed at the end of it.

Internet listed company: my pain, you do not understand.

not long winded, representative to throw a few examples of poor performance surface:

but you need strong capital support to get through the burn out period. Nine words before and after the listing of listed technology in raising a total of nearly 400 million yuan, of which there are thousands of admission control Wang Yawei capital, the company’s Beijing Weichuang Fortis Internet investment center and other well-known venture capital investment company jingwei.

, someone asked: the Internet listed company really have so badly? Lily network, Kay example seems Overgeneralization ah.

profile: mainly engaged in the development and operation of the Internet application platform, the most famous of which is the development of pictures social software "in"". According to the 2017 photo sharing community rankings released by Internet Weekly in 2017, TOP20 ranked fifth in IN.

Fujie probably just a few, from the annual report, the total operating cost of 170 million yuan, but its revenue is only 37 million 260 thousand yuan, in other words, nine words of science and technology needed to burn the cost of about 4.6 yuan, to achieve 1 yuan of income, almost 1/5 of the ratio of input and output. Relative to 2015 burn 322 yuan, change 1 yuan income has improved greatly.

Duolingo officially launched in June this year and now has about 250 thousand active language learners. The company plans >

results: in 2013, 2014 and 2015 respectively recorded losses of 4 million 361 thousand and 900 yuan, 14 million 970 thousand and 100 yuan, 213 million yuan.

Lewis Vaana Luis Von Ahn is the computer industry and shlf1314 is also quite influential man, origin: he founded the picture recognition service ESP Game was acquired by shlf1314 in 2004, and later founded the digital books company reCaptcha acquired by shlf1314 in 2009.

, but since the listing of the financing, nine words technology has no financing program issued. More than ch>

nine words technology

language learning translation services Duolingo financing $15 million

choice showed more than nine words recorded in the previous 2016, technology loss amounted to 132 million yuan.


now, Duolingo, a computer professor at the Carnegie Mellon University, aims to target the translation services and language learning market. The startup has just won $15 million B round of financing, lead investor is New Enterprise Associates, Union Square ventures and Ashton Coetzee Ashton Kutcher A Grade and existing investors are also involved. Similar to reCaptcha, Duolingo also uses crowdsourcing technology to translate text information. But Duolingo uses a different approach, not using CAPTCHAs technology, but letting people teach themselves language.

, who recently won the Macarthur prize for talent, said when he spoke about Duolingo: "we began to think about how to make thousands of people offer free translation services for Vaana.". We think: the free side to teach them to learn the language, while they provide free translation, killing two birds with one stone."

Internet Co on the new board, or three new board on the Internet Co, this question in the day before yesterday, the article has been answered.


in "bitter" than before, to say, is not to say that all Internet companies in the new board are not going well, there are still a lot of financial company a lot of money in the new board, the growth performance is also good, the company will be listed at the end of it.

Duolingo also provides a system that allows you to personalize the language learning process. For example, if someone has learned the present tense instead of the past tense, then the system will only give the appearance problem.


Vaana in 2011 with classmates seweryn Severin Hacker – he co founded Duolingo, the service can help users through online listening speaking reading and writing language learning resources including free French, Spanish, German and English. Language learners can translate digital text information at the same time for businesses or other customers. For example, if 50 people think that "pelota" in Spanish is the meaning of "ball" in English, then Doulingo can guess that this is the correct answer. The same idea can also be extended to phrases, sentences, and even longer paragraphs. However, the company has not yet opened its translation service, and does not allow companies to submit content to be translated. It only allows users to teach themselves language. The content of Duolingo currently follows the principle of creative commons.

today Fujie one more representative case, fine to talk about this topic.

comment: read nine words technology 2016 earnings, "burn" intuitive sense is still very strong.

nine words technology since March 30, 2016 listed new three board, its 2016 performance losses narrowed compared with 2015, but the amount of losses still remain at the level of hundreds of millions.