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do anything no tricks are not successful. Online information, clutter free, if you do not have the organization arranged in good order, you can’t stick to it. This is to help you finishing your work. This idea in this tutorial you can often feel.

A, set your mailbox

if what are you doing now how many companies do a network of people who make money "?" I am afraid that very few people can quickly tell you the number of. For example, "what is your site in a ID number? What is the login password? What is the bidding system connection?" What are some seemed to have no problem, but one day if you need this information, but can not find quickly. Therefore, dozens of companies, without a record it is unthinkable.

Create a new folder in your

mailbox, named "my money," or what the name and so on, each company issued a confirmation letter you are stored in this folder. The confirmation letter generally contains some important information, such as those problems above. So, you will have an overall record of their own projects, can guarantee to find out quickly when needed.

quicken work! Brothers, but this work must not be missing!

two, use your favorites

for you in the last lesson learned: click on the site to make money, this step is very useful.


12 website, if one by one, is very troublesome. So, we should do what, according to your computer limit, as far as possible at the same time to open several web sites i.e. multiple windows open, each window open a website, at the same time to browse, click. One of the pool

of and gold gold

salary has an advantage, is to click after a new window pops up, so when you do other things, the way they fix.

if you can digest the course content of the second, third part, you will find that the 12 sites the first lesson is.

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