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Brent, author of this article, is an angel investor with Beshore, a venture capital firm, AdVentures. AdVentures is a partner enterprise for Gen Y Capital. Every day of my life is surrounded by start-ups. I usually spend my first morning coffee on the reading industry news, while the rest of the time is spent on consulting start-ups or meeting entrepreneurs. See so many ups and downs, I summed up the six common misunderstandings of entrepreneurs.

talents are just commodities,

this is probably the most dangerous area of error. The creation of a start-up business has been fraught with uncertainty, and the creation of two is suicide. You are not Jack Dorsey, nor is it Sean P>

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, that’s a totally wrong point. In my opinion, "A" employees are 5 times more valuable than "B" employees. Having a talent can be your biggest asset, and lack of talent can be your biggest worry. Focus on the recruitment and training of top talent, let them do their job let each person do his best. Treat people well, you can build a strong corporate culture; despise talent, the consequences will be unimaginable.

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bouquet is not afraid of deep alley

Steve Blank said well, "no start-ups fail because technology doesn’t work.". Of course, the product is important, but sales are often the biggest problem you will face. Users are busy and don’t bother to delve into your product; no one cares how superior you are except friends and family. So, from the first day, you have to focus on sales. Think of your business as a marketing business and you’ll eventually find yourself closer to success.

, I need VC

access to financing is often touted by the media, but financing is only the means of entrepreneurship, not the purpose. In many example, harvest financing only allow their failure to come more spectacular some. On the contrary, many entrepreneurs rely on themselves and achieve great success at last. The biggest thing about financing is that it can support companies that are growing fast but users can’t generate revenue. This is rare. Think about what your company really needs, and the answer is usually not about money.

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I’ve created several companies,


to be honest, money changes a person’s temperament. Business may be a mess, but the company rules and regulations must be in order. Without a clear, uncluttered opening, you won’t be able to avoid misunderstandings, jealousies and injuries for the next few years. If you don’t have clear company rules, please start now. If you want to do something for your own business, please start with the company’s charter.