Taobao guest website makes the advantage of shlf1314 AdsenseWhy is short-lived success more and more

but not long ago, the opposite was true. Before Color officially launched its product, someone asked me what I thought of the company. I said, "I don’t understand what they’re up to.". They say I don’t understand movement. They may be right, but that’s not an explanation.

recently mentioned his parting off himself once the Taobao obsessed occupation in an article, the site can not be idle, so it is placed on the shlf1314 adsense.

does your company have established lasting value products? Are you value growth, or pay more attention to sustainable growth? In many start-up companies, are the kind of flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum case. These companies initially look glamorous, but soon disappeared in people’s field of vision. WP Engine founder Jason Cohen recently published his views on this phenomenon in his blog.

OneBox – $60 million in investment, 18 on the line

Forefront – IPO was promoted by CBT in 1995, but CBT shares fell by 85% in 1998 and suffered numerous class actions.

today at the world ranking in the beginning of the 2, and my heart is very happy, although the number is 7. In the eyes of others, but this is a garbage station, but it is my first work, learned a lot of things, I hope googl>

in Taobao’s first top off period only in the banner to add shlf1314 ad click rate is very low, probably because Taobao advertising, regardless of color or are more attractive, so shlf1314 is no one click on ads. Taobao later removed off the link, click rate soared to 8%-10%, the heart is also quite scared, consulted figure wangdage, figure king said a little high, should control it, then I told the king said is the natural map click graph king said that it should be no big problem; then please teach North "the wolf" a couple of Taobao customers and shlf1314 old webmaster brother, they said nothing, he also relieved, nearly ten days now, click rate has remained at 10% down.

, for example, "Fast Company" has just written an article about Bill · Bill Nguyen. He has 7 start-ups, and recently launched a mobile App Co called Color, the most brilliant thing is to not yet launched the product before financing $41 million. by the way, their final product failed and the company went bankrupt. "Big mouth investor Paul ·," Kedrosky Paul Kedrosky commented on Color: "this company has become a laughing point.". As long as the risk investment activities to say ‘Color’, what else is needless to say, we will take the hint to laugh out loud."


I was a student, not too high requirements for income, spend half an hour a day to add content can do anything else, do not delay learning, $2 can meet their own needs, although there is no Taobao passenger suddenly 50, 60 times earnings surprise, but also less for a few the 0 day is depressed, shlf1314 is quite stable.

unless I have a different understanding of what is called "success". Here are his 6 previous entrepreneurial experiences from Fast Company,:

had no previous shlf1314 experience, but often see the discussion of shlf1314 hits should be under the control of how much better people there, many of my friends have reached two percent, 3 of the fear of being K, always on tenterhooks. So for the click rate of shlf1314 also left a deep impression.

last week began to Ali mother Taobao customer links all removed, in the article page add a large rectangular advertising shlf1314, add a side of skyscrapers, then below each article add a link unit. Due to more key words about Taobao’s shlf1314 Adsense, therefore, is very good, the display unit is the basic "clothing" taobao taobao "bag" what is in line with the needs of visitors.

Freeloader, which received a $3 million investment, was sold at $38 million in 1996, but closed in 1997.

my site PV is low, 1000pv every day, 500IP, the flow is the flow from the high quality search engine over, every day is a new visitor, repeat a few, this may be a reason of high hit rate. In addition, I found the website generated the "fashion" uprising "is still" color, more attractive for visitors to the site, I also compare the counterparts, one reason should also be a high hit rate.

some people love in the media or Silicon Valley posing as successful entrepreneurs, this behavior distasteful, but it is not their fault.

Support – a $2 million 500 thousand investment, at IPO $32 per share in 2000, but is currently trading at just $2.

Because I was

Bill ·: How did Ruan fuse to $41 million with a vague idea, because he had founded 6 successful companies?. Yes, the reason is very good! This background, isn’t it?