Do you know how to make money when you are a Taobao customerXu Zhaojun and pops jump from time to ti

product experience.

because no longer go scraping pieces of time, as in the form of products then make "force long audio" adjustment, strengthen the construction of UGC and PGC content model. Now the longest audio pops can support 6 minutes, the follow-up will also allow users to upload 128M long audio. It is obvious to sing, even like YY Entertainment Education for a part of the user community. In this form of products, more users can upload their own content and original works, this part of the nutrition copyrighted content, it is as welcome. Xu Zhaojun think, accumulated to a certain time, why not go through the pops YY

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reports, Xu Zhaojun put the "full version of Designed by Apple ad" 229 words, erected in the pops office space at the entrance, as for team motivation.

I have a lot of buddies, in the search, so that the Commission of high ranking before, commission less than 50%, determined not to do ~

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technology report, Xu Zhaojun on the idea of value to the user as, from the use of fragments of time to use passive time.

chooses a category that you are good at. Don’t even know what cosmetics are for. Just because he makes money, go crazy, crazy propaganda. Do what you are good at and what you will do.

I would like to ask you to do before considering the customer’s idea? Is not easy to make money as well as commissions, do. In fact, there is a ratio between, to customers feel cheap, and you have profits at all, this kind of goods can do. Another thing to do is to have a choice of your own.

can post on the network, SEO optimization, spend money on advertising and so on, the specific can according to your own ability to bring traffic, can make money is king.

of course, the most important thing is that blogs are free. Do not think that blog can not achieve single page effect, you can achieve, or even better results. Because now the blog space, basically can realize the custom. In addition, if you have money, you can also make a VIP at low prices, you can bind your own domain name, but I do not recommend doing so, personal domain name admission time is much shorter.

and simple layout, for example, some of my friends do for so long, you know what you are selling products? There are a lot of friends do Taobao customers, even Taobao do not know what is, and how to make money.

, that’s the key.

so, before you do Taobao, you have to understand. Why do you do Taobao customers? What should you do for Taobao?.

it is said that the concept of "passive time" comes from his thoughts during meditation. The so-called passive time, mainly refers to the user on the road, appointments and others are not so broken, while more passive time. Before pops want to compete in the mobile end user fragments of time, in the sense that this area has the Red Sea, Xu Zhaojun had an epiphany."

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never formally renounced the light blog "little", but obviously pops is now almost all Xu Zhaojun entrepreneurial life, sustenance of his future. He must have learned a lot from his little experiences. Sina Technology Xu Zhaojun mentioned in this report, "pops out, we have been exploring how to make interesting products into useful products."

what does it feel like?.

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with Taobao customers hot, more and more people began to join Taobao customers, understand Taobao customers.


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in addition, you should have your own promotion page before you do it. You can use the blog and use a single page. I personally recommend using blog, because the door’s blog can get better weight in a short time. In addition, the blog is relatively stable, if you have a single page, and costly, the search engine acceptance time is slow, the speed is bad, and often can not access · · · · ·

make life better,

but a lot of people in this crazy joined Taobao customers, began to make money online, after the crazy busy for a few months, but still do not know what is Taobao, Taobao to make money, should do what do Taobao customers.

tiger sniffing this ad to find, and enjoy together:

when you’re ready, you can start making money, and wish you a million dollars a day for Taobao! Write so much for the time being, and then write tomorrow!

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, then promotion, attention should be paid to the promotion. Because your page is doing worse, if the promotion of enough exaggeration, flow is large enough, then you can make money. The promotion of the time, remember to avoid SEO cheating, it is suicidal ~

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pops ten months, announced that users reached 20 million. At the same time, as the founder and CEO of Xu Zhaojun discloses three strategic pops: force audio, enhanced UGC and PGC long specializing in the production of content model, test the native advertising.