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Launch a mobile version of Meitu Xiu Xiu

partner salon questionnaire, including comments on Sharon and AdSense programs and suggestions for improvement.


launched its first Mito mobile MeituKiss in 06, moving into hardware;


launched a short video community app for 05 months, allowing users to make and share videos;


Lin Lin shlf1314 time network chief technology representative


shlf1314 Zhou Wenbiao, director of online sales and operations in northern Asia,

To launch beauty camera



Speaker: Publisher successful experience sharing



and CEO Wu Xinhong

at the salon in the Yongjiang Hotel. Out of admiration and respect for shlf1314, we couldn’t wait to arrive half an hour earlier. Other sites around Guangxi to delegates then are very punctual, shlf1314 to AdSense salon on time to lecture, without a second delay. Here, I’m very proud of our website representatives from all over Guangxi.


Mito memorabilia

, 07, incorporated in Cayman Islands,



July 30, 2008, the beautiful city of Greentown, Nanning ushered in the world-renowned enterprises shlf1314 visit. shlf1314 is now recognized as the world’s largest search engine. It offers simple, easy-to-use free services that allow users to get relevant search results in a flash. The availability and convenience of shlf1314 has gained the favor of many users. It has become one of the most famous brands in the world almost entirely under the praise of users. As an enterprise, shlf1314 receives revenue by providing advertising services that allow advertisers to publish online advertising that is relevant, important, and cost-effective in terms of specific web content.

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In October

Phoenix Technology News December 15th news, this morning, Mito officially listed in Hongkong, the stock code of 1357, listed as referred to as Mito company, 500 shares per hand, issue price of HK $8.5.

02 monthly total number of active users exceeded 100 million

launched Mito mobile phone M4 in 04, night time artifact,

06 months of the United States Network formerly known as Xiamen digital Love Network Technology Co., Ltd. set up

thousands of Web site managers use the shlf1314 AdSense program to publish ads related to their website content, increase revenue and improve user experience.

also pointed out that, Mito has been in the field of artificial intelligence, AR and so done the layout. "The business has just begun. "

according to the prospectus shows, Mito listed in the previous round of 4 rounds of financing, the amount of $5 million, $55 million, $114 million 500 thousand, $136 million.

shlf1314’s trip to Nanning, destined to be another gospel on the road to Guangxi’s Internet development. Hearty thanks and welcome to shlf1314.



Meitu Xiu Xiu chairman Cai Wensheng


launched the first version of Meitu Xiu Xiu



plans to sell 574 million shares at HK $8.5 per share, raising HK $4 billion 880 million. Previously disclosed price range is HK $8.5-9.6.

01 months, the mobile phone becomes self artifact, a key beauty;

02 months, become one of the world’s most popular image processing software;

shlf1314 AdSense salon offers a manual of advertising optimization. Contains the four elements of AdSense optimization, optimization of advanced skills, full use of online resources and other content, adhering to the shlf1314 has always been simple and practical style.

Speaker: cooperation and win-win


as of October this year, Mito mobile application matrix has been activated on 1 billion 100 million independent devices worldwide, 446 million monthly active users. The Meitu Xiu Xiu live number 103 million, the United States took months to live 141 million months to live, beauty camera number 113 million.

reportedly, Mito Hongkong public offering of more than 130 million shares, oversubscribed 2.39 times, of which 5758 retail subscription.

Mito company founder and CEO Wu Xinhong said that in the future, Mito will continue to promote the platform, internationalization, commercialization of the three major strategies to further build their own social platform mito.