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after everything was calm, what we do

" poineering enlightenment is the depth of coverage of Tencent Technology launched in the second half of 2013 column. The contents include the most well-known start-up companies, stories and figures for the Internet in recent years, Internet entrepreneurs about real experience, to share the experience and reflection of the.

entrepreneurship is a difficult trek, as can predict in advance the way possible trap and fork, the higher the probability of success. Therefore, compared to those packed almost perfect example of successful entrepreneurs, the same desire to get a mirror from the start and has the similar dilemma.

Li Shubin admitted that the two years of good music to buy a lot of reflection, the first reflection is "focus".

in the past, good music to buy and not too many significant label website positioning "shoe", and no people, price band segment positioning, Everything is contained therein. Li Shubin also thought, may even have started selling shoes, gradually to the Jingdong to expand into other categories, or even self category.

positioning in the high-end product line contraction

good music to buy CEO Li Shubin a summary of the past has three main points: first, focus, contraction category, re positioning. The two is to pay attention to inventory, sold out rate and turnover rate of life and death. The three is to grasp the rhythm, too fast "is definitely not a good thing".



Wang Kexin technology Tencent reported on December 16th


Abstract: in fact, in order to avoid becoming a phenomenon grade product, the answer has also done a lot of attempts. For example, a free feature line in July, including free inquiry, friends 6 hours free listening, ask App first screen problem free to listen to; in the threshold, should increase the "discussion" function, so that anyone can participate in the discussion.

we all know, in the field of mobile Internet, there have been many phenomena of Apps, which was a smash hit, but the end is a flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. So, once regarded as a "knowledge-based economy boom" benchmark answer, really do upgrade in function, or may be reduced to the next phenomenon class products,

recently, many a user said, by WeChat, WeChat and App link landing points answer, just a "respect the user should answer, the monarch is hard to hold back the big move, mysterious, please look forward to" prompt.

2010, 2011 is the golden period of vertical electric capital, vertical large amount of financing, advertising, mapping a bustling scene. However, since the second half of 2011, the vertical electricity supplier collective "winter" in the capital, cooling environment, vertical electric shoe seems to fade out of sight.

Before the

analysis, a brief review of the history of the answer is made.

we are doing, is speculative and checking the Internet business case of China from multiple angles, business sense summarizes the most shocking truth based on naked entrepreneurship.

review the history of answer points

denied this, but did not give a specific explanation, only to wait patiently, the good behind. However, one day, two days, three days, in addition to closing function page copy and images with replacement, should move has not yet been staged.

in the past, capital hot, holding large sums of money, almost vertical electricity providers have a dream platform — the pursuit of scale, sales, but ignore the retail core stock, sold out sold out rate, turnover rate.

Editor’s note:

since this time the circle out too much, that there is a wind sways grass, everyone’s first reaction is "an accident". In response to the split, there are various speculations in the industry, such as being banned by WeChat, tax problems, or malicious attacks.


Le Amoy has experienced two transformations: from B2C transformation system of its own brand of footwear, and then transition to the customization platform. Good music to buy it in the interior modulation, re positioning.

in addition, both the "discussion", "listening" section, the list of questions, or "find people" and other functions are in a blank state, all data are temporarily closed.

footwear business people for good music to buy is not strange. Especially, two years ago, in boosting capital, to buy good music, music Amoy as the representative of the vertical electric strong thunder.


May 15th, answer the line. The rules are not complicated. There are three roles in all: the responder, the questioner, and the eavesdropper. The answer is only to explain what you are good at, and then set the price for question and answer, interested users can pay for 50 words of questions, and finally, the answer to the voice through 60 seconds to answer the question. In the process, users can pay 1 yuan to eavesdrop on other people’s answers to the questions. Once overheard, both the questioner and the respondent receive $0.5.


May 28th, Wang Sicong to "net red, investors and philosophers" identity appeared in the sub answer, quickly occupy the sub – new and talent standings top. On the same day, a total of 25 netizens spent 3000 yuan on Wang Sicong raised questions, as of 29, Wang Sicong answered 25 questions, total income

"at that time, the vast majority of companies, the goal is too big, including us. Everyone wants to start from the field, become a whole category of company. Everyone holding a large Jingdong tens of millions of dollars, the earliest.