Personal view of the early career pathMom, is expected to reproduce the Taobao advertising miracle i

Since the According to Ali

Ali mother the last half year dig around, to engage in network alliance of several people Aguirre a group, Ali mother headhunter call directly to the family network and business staff poaching, unfortunately, not many union staff, directly hit the boss talking on the phone, headhunter, you said people can not complain?…… Cited as a joke.

              after that, you can do less work outside the chain. Because you want to do the chain, then really need to spend a certain amount of time, that is, mainly in writing soft text. Of course, write soft text, want to let others read, readable, so that other people are willing to see, soft Wen sent to other people’s Web site. The editor of other website also is willing to give you to keep a link address, so write soft Wen also to want to write with intent, this really wants to use time to do, among them at present think of is to learn to learn soft text. To their soft text in an appropriate web site outside the chain address, that can send to similar system disk to BBS, and some Webmaster Station, Sina’s own BLOG, behind the times, and so on, after all, these are original. Web site weight is relatively high, and Baidu spider crawling also fast, through the chain is easy to find our station. If the site content and soft text is good, the collection should be pretty fast.

, claimed that the establishment of Ali’s mother, inspired by the success of 4 years ago, Taobao advertising alliance. At the time of Taobao is eBay the agreement to ban eBay ads are cast out, Sina portal is eBay eBay basic monopoly, you have to turn in the Taobao alliance of small and medium-sized website advertising. As a result, we all saw Taobao winning, and eBay eBay was almost out of the Chinese market.

left the work, ready to begin his IT career, also changed a lot of ideas, some of the work on the site gradually also something, in the next work is to make it clear. So let’s talk about how people look at the web and the work on some sites.

2, taobao highest every year close to 100 million League delivery costs, contributed to the Chinese small Internet site Taobao advertising cheating industry, SP alliance and Taobao / eBay alliance and called Chinese Internet two alliance advertising gold master, and money for 2-4 years, led to the emergence of a large number of the corresponding website. Don’t feed the tens of thousands of small sites;

1, in the Taobao advertising alliance of small and medium-sized webmaster and related people, also happens to be the C2C e-commerce active users, a webmaster usually 5-10 a website, every day up station on the Internet, who also happens to be the key population for C2C e-commerce, advertising is also involved in taobao. Shop on taobao, and advertisement to watch the crowd is the most C2C buyers, rather than the owner;

3, taobao gold master has become a rich industry chain network alliance " ", contributed to the union of extraterrestrials; middlemen, business flow, cheating business, Alexa ranking, shlf1314/sh419 optimization for production and operation of cheating in business, selling a series of station station / industrial chain, the chain, advertising effect is unable to quickly reach, with the chain, let taobao invested tens of millions each year in various parts of the chain can be divided into and promote effect. Advertising industry has a very classic saying: "half of my advertising costs are wasted, but the problem is, I do not know what half of the waste.". In the 3 years before and after the taobao " burn; " " in the process, a con within a con " it is a advertising alliance beyond count, by " " " cut; website; cheating, " and false to taobao reached more than 70% of the profits. Of course, the most authentic version of the black site is empty

web site of the chain, there are many kinds of answers to take some, when posting with some. The Internet is like a spider web, each site is not isolated, pure, are inextricably linked. As long as there is information in the network, it is possible to be found, and this is also the charm of human flesh search is where it is. As we stand not big, the chain must insist on doing, individuals in this sense, the site after all the time is not very long, so I want to if you can, what day is to vent more things can be updated, can accelerate the update schedule.

to website content rich, I still work every day to adhere to the website content update, some ideas in this aspect, the first content is not rich, may the spider climb slowly, if rich, after the spider will come, and once to be not included. Therefore, in updating the content of this work, mainly on the article, of course, would like to see more articles updated, and this later on to do the chain, as well as to see some tools on the more adequate time.

            in fact, it is synchronized with spiders, more content, do the chain, the chain will cause spider attention. For example, every day is to update some of the content, which is working on the level of the effect is not very good neither fast nor slow. Of course to ask in the next work, ask this kind of word of mouth, the question answering station is very well done outside the chain, but the effect is relatively simple, after all, if at the same time in the station to answer the chain, it will spend a lot of time, it is a single propaganda. In this >

C2C website eBay Taobao who wins, and in fact whether in advertising alliance or portal advertising effect is not large, in the Taobao advertising alliance on the success of several important features: Based on