The age of robots the emergence of the global hardware UnicornMyClean a hard drive from $20 thousand

according to CB Insights data, in 2015, venture capital institutions to robotic company global investment of $587 million, a record high. In 2016, the amount of investment may be refreshed again. Another hot spot in venture capital outside the robotics field is artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence technology provides the ability to "think" for automated robots. In the second quarter of 2016 alone, venture capitalists invested more than $1 billion in artificial Intelligent Company. While U. S. investors are concerned about startups in the field of robotics, China’s domestic capital has long been used to investing in Hard Suits Inc. China witnessed great success investors including HUAWEI, millet and AAC, Hard Suits Inc unicorn in the international stage, they are eager to invest Chinese worldwide and a generation of robot Hard Suits Inc.

doesn’t have any other technology that can capture our attention as a robot. The robot always appear in our imagination — whether it is a robot take physical labor, human freedom of thought and the creation of the world, or a robot more than human intelligence anti utopian future. So far, robots have largely remained in science fiction, but the technology’s inflection point has arrived, and automated robots will soon be found in our work and our lives.

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investment in robotics has been a fire these days. I have more than 30 years of experience in building and investing in automation equipment. 20 years ago, as a graduate of a wireless communications and control system, I designed my first uav. For the past more than 10 years, as a venture capitalist, I have been investing in cutting-edge technology companies that organically integrate China’s most advanced manufacturing capabilities and American Marketing and design. An intelligent hardware investment makes me full of excitement. experience is that I met Hu Huazhi in 2013. He is a space scientist and visionary, but also the founder of Yi fei. He led millions of flights to create the first manned unmanned aerial vehicle, which successfully flew for 20 minutes. More than a year ago, when I started a team from the Carnegie Mellon national robotics Engineering Center, I invested myself in the research and development of automatic driving, and I invested billions of flights. This summer, I witnessed their first manned flight test.


business model is a trial and error. Initially, we tried to outsource the business to the third party cleaning agency, which resulted in almost 1 star feedback in Yelp at that time. After that, we began to consider indoor cleaning. We hired Ken Schultz, a senior executive at the firm, who was stunned when he and law firms said they wanted to run a cleaning company with their Ivy League education and law degrees. We did not tell him that the option he had been working for six months was because we had no cash for him at the time. Under his relentless operation, our CEO Mike Scharf has improved the delivery model to our door and positioned it as our business model. At the same time, we work six days a week to resolve customer problems. Since then, we have really established our own business arena.

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wants to do one thing is not easy. When the server crashes, when we pray we again in the Canadian team not in the heart, when we need to provide customers with gift cards to get competitive, but because some of the content of the website stumbled. In our competition has started in Silicon Valley to make snap dry, we began to prepare a plan to do online although our website certainly cleaning business, focus on training high quality cleaning industry, providing excellent customer service.

three years ago today, nothing. Our company’s veterans are non technical backgrounds – CEO was a salesman before – other founders were mostly market and financial backgrounds. Because do not understand technology, we had to design and development outsourcing to a clean business website, in the beginning, we allow customers to book online, time allocation flexibility, they can discuss the schedule and hired a cleaning email. Until we hired a product manager, he was important to us, and until then, we didn’t have any full-time employees or founders who knew the technology. He brought us new changes, and we began to have our own network platform and business model. We are very proud of what we have achieved today. To adhere to the self in the hustle, clean out.


as a focus on cutting-edge technology company investors, I saw a robot to enter the mainstream market timing is ripe after brewing: low cost sensors, open source robot software, 3D printing, artificial intelligence and society on the outbreak of "intelligent" machine gradually accepted. In addition to the robot in the field of capital investment and record in the world of automation technology growing demand, with global thinking entrepreneurs are now in a hitherto unknown disruptive robotic company tuyere.

in less than three years, from September 2010 to April 2013, our monthly income of $15000 increased to $300 thousand more than the growth rate of -2000%! Although our website looks very old, but we can guarantee the quality of our service. Myclean currently has 100 employees and is expected to make an annual profit of $4 million this year. Although we have encountered a lot of difficulties along the way, it has enabled us to focus on our own products and services. We are pleased to have countless customers satisfied with having a clean and tidy home and office, which is the only reason for our company’s success. >