From media operations may encounter bitter history

, this thing has been in my mind for some time. I want to say it, but I don’t know how to say it. It is because of the dark mood worry about pulling the narrative of the thing, so I spent three months precipitation of the emotion, to convince myself because of justice behavior upon the media since the entry of "dark history."

Before entering the text,

should first give a brief account of the corporate image.

, something like that, I believe, is not the only thing I’ve ever met. There must be a lot of readers who’ve been through the dark stuff of the company. But what I’m trying to say is not that the company is dark and wants to express that employees aren’t equal to the company." Why do you say so? Believe that any company leaders are not guilty of "violating their loyal users" thing, especially when the user can bring value to the company’s behavior, a leader is absolutely maintaining the interests of users, as headline writers like. The headline author writes the rich content of books through his own wisdom, which provides great value to the headlines. It can be said that the value support of the headlines is supported by writers and writers. Therefore, an enterprise will not damage the business management and the negative impact of self image. But employees (Executive) is not equal to leadership, but not equal to the enterprise, most employees usually only consider their own value.

is the "time

headlines" dirty

three months ago, just contact the headlines, according to fill the application page option system, step by step operation. Since then, my whole no what qualifications from the media, the public, WeChat has not opened the original network, nor on my writing, only can be used as auxiliary materials is the Sohu from the media. For the first time since the media headlines, but also not in the headlines before the revision for the first email account is registered in the headlines, the first time to submit the application did not pass, second slight modifications after submitting the application is not approved, unfortunately the account in the status bar to display the "permanent refusal", you cannot use this account to submit the application.

but in desperation, I applied to the second headlines mail account, re – find an ID card, re apply. (an ID card can only apply for one headline from the media, regardless of whether the application is successful or not.


in the application process of logo, headlines, and before the introduction of the name, but the state still submitted as like as two peas, review the account when I search for "Three Long Xin" name in the headlines, there is a long Xin from the media headlines three. I’m sorry that is not only the name of the same, and the introduction of logo and I also set up and the media as like as two peas, since there is a content about the beauty of the vulgar content.

I’d rather believe it’s a coincidence, because I want to protect the pure land in my heart.

when I met such a thing, to tell a friend, a friend told me that is a coincidence! I don’t what to fear, I only know what I am doing is right, I would like to believe this is a coincidence. "". "Coincidence" also has a difference, and also >