The novice must do the station the information class website lets you enter the successful road

at present, many websites are not making money, many novice webmaster about to make money is a face of helpless, first they don’t know what you can do? What website can make money? I told you to experience: the information website is the novice do stand preferred.

information is currently in full swing station, like 163, QQ portals have classified information area, so does that mean that new entrants have no future? The answer is negative, it is a society of information, information on demand, there is a demand for money.

first, pay attention to the collection. Even if the existing national classification information website, have not been able to collect the city information completely, pay attention to your side, your side of the newspaper, collect some in the region for promotion.

second, the content of the information is mainly practical. Information must follow a practical reason. Users who are really interested in this area are really helpful to their lives, and the major users should be young and middle-aged.

third specific channels: like second-hand transactions, real estate transactions, logistics, recruitment, job search, dating, etc., are the accumulation of popular good content. I like living in a small city in Northern Jiangsu, I opened a forum in secretarial chowder network, a local website of secondary trading, logistics, job content every day more than 100.

fourth is the free release of local businesses information. In the early release of the site, you can by hand to the local streets, functions, such as multiple classification, free included in the web site. Specifically, for example, you can all the shops, businesses will be on Jiefang Road free to enter, a restaurant and free your road users can also query according to the "food" as the key word, a word is to help users find information. The amount of work ahead of a little larger, but the city is not particularly large, it is not particularly difficult to do, and in the early collection, you can only include the main store. Collection of shops can be integrated shopping malls, stores, KTV, bars and so on.

fifth vigorously promote, publicity is king. In the early preparations, can focus on making a batch of leaflets (paintings, books), free hanging or payment in the business, at the same time can be carried out in urban distribution on the main road, but also can organize some interactive activities to accumulate popularity.

sixth content: the content here does not refer to the initial content, but refers to the site after the update. Have a certain reputation, like second-hand, logistics, job recruitment, making this kind of information users will take the initiative to publish, then like a number of shopping malls, large store shops they will generally be responsible for online publicity, allowing them to release free. If the mall in this area cannot do so, you can sign an agreement with them to help them update the information free of charge.

also considers 2-5 left, depending on the size of the city