Well, ‘m not afraid of Baidu, you K me

(originally wanted to webmaster forum, but Registration No. how can not go, no way to fall behind, but in the graph king place learn a lot of things, not here, don’t sleep well, sleep, sent it, the first network to share things, not here, not really happy

thank you, King Wang’s station!!!!)


, Baidu, you K! I’m not afraid!!! Try SEO with a small station!!


recently, I was promoted to the network Department of a medium-sized company, responsible for network promotion.


, mainly through forums and other traditional methods for promotion, with this method, of course, can meet the company requirements of traffic standards. Of course, do some simple SEO.

more importantly, SEO himself is not proficient. Getting started. Through some learning, but still can not casually try on the company website.

here comes the chance…..

I am a friend, he did a small station, of course, is the only flow to earn the kind of advertising fees, let me help, to me when Baidu has not included it.

remember, it seems to be built in July 3rd. He asked me to help him do promotion, mainly on the SEO side…

is embarrassed to say that the friend’s station is a beautiful picture station. [beauty gathering place,]http://s.sesexy.cn/

then heard, feel is an opportunity, in such a small station, try to learn SEO….

Baidu brother not included, of course the most important thing is to let Baidu included, SEO can do it, then let friends every day each Forum gathered above http://s.sesexy.cn/ add articles in beauty, add 5 to 10 articles on the line. Then every day in the post bar and some forums for some promotion, so stick to it, to July 11th, my friend said to me: "Baidu included"


I’m glad: but Jingxiaxinlai analysis shows that Baidu included a process, as long as we do, every day, Baidu is in the observation, in the test, after this process, then it is included!!!

More than 10 days after

, I stopped, I dare not SEO, then use the tool to check the next keyword, the keyword is not very popular beauty together, try to do this, of course, I also dare not very obvious, because it is too small, calendar harm, Baidu will think is cheating, so the past 6 days, in July 28th, in the Baidu search keywords beauty gathered, ranked first, it a few days I cut the flow chart, we see


I’m just getting started. I’m writing too much. I want to write there. Welcome to throw bricks!!!!