How to make profit by analyzing classified information websites

now, classified information network prospects have been more and more Internet Co and grassroots webmaster optimistic about, a large number of webmaster swarm, classification information market blank is quickly filled. However, although the prospects for classification information is good, but there are still more than 80% of the site is facing a small scale, can not develop, and did not enter the profit period, which I elaborate personal views.

1. site positioning error

, a website, need to have a good location, geography, economy, culture and so on factors determine the development prospects of a web site, so the site location is the priority among priorities, according to the actual situation to locate, if you’re in a small town, population thirty or forty million, the county has not what large enterprises, if you build a recruitment network, so the amount of information will not be too much, there will be no more income, so we must consider the construction site from all aspects.

2. don’t grab the cake from the tiger’s mouth,

for some large city, some large objects are classified information network focus on the development of the city, as of 58,, word-of-mouth network are tens of millions of financing website, as a grassroots webmaster, we have no money and they do not have so much competition, team competition, so don’t out of their mouth to grab the market that confidence is good, but overconfidence is arrogance. But this is not to say that we cannot do in these big city, before doing good to investigate the market situation, find out the competition with your website, and the analysis, find out their weaknesses according to counter weaknesses, such as the well-known information network, to help families and political network (, it is a Xiamen classified information network enterprises, local competition is very intense, the recruitment of job seekers, the sale of housing, second-hand transaction information was the major site to carve, and those tens of millions of enterprises to grab the market is very difficult, for every political website look for a new way, according to the domestic information less defects, quickly create a with the domestic information based website, three years in the country has a great reputation.

3. website management and interpersonal relationship parallel

Many webmaster in

business website, it is behind closed doors, only interested in web traffic and technology, not good at communicating with people, in China or a social relationship, as the saying goes, way more than friends, I have established a local site in the local time, accidentally met a friend drink two wine, a chat, I raised my website advertising and several advertising did not rent out, a few days later, the friend introduced me to the two big business people, bosses are very happy, directly pay a year’s advertising costs, so have a good the network plays an important role in the development of the website.

if you can do these three things, then your website will be developed, as long as the website popularity of your website to be profitable, do money is the purpose, but do not put money as the core, website management center thought should focus on the customers need >