On the importance of domain name in building a site from the rise and fall of flush

Hello, I love writing recently, every day to spare a little time to write admin5.com article, do a summary of your station years of experience, today’s topic is about the importance of domain name in my website in the process.

when I run my horse rabbit nest after about 3 months, surprised to find a new site to the competition, because the website name with the keyword " topview", ranking actually quickly overtook me, I was angry and happy, realize a topic keyword domain name is very important. So I immediately search related articles, and found the Baidu index (index.baidu.com) of this tool, I took some treasure, I know the keyword query again, only to find that the outside world is really big, some of the keywords of the large flow of amazing


in the stock of words, I found two key words flow "great wisdom" and "flush", great wisdom and flush is the name of software stocks, because the two software is quite good, the use of the crowd is very extensive, so every day there are so many people who are looking for can download software the web site, then it is the end of the bull market, the number of investors reached more than 100 million, every light from the Baidu search for "great wisdom" of up to 1-1.5 million, while the "flush" is above 5000-8000, the search volume is how amazing


then I network query to great wisdom and flush the Pinyin " dazhihui" and " tonghuashun" domain name based, used in the end com net org CN have all been registered, only biz, CC, me as a suffix, the great wisdom of the CC are registered Google, inspected the site traffic at the big trend of the wisdom of CC at the end of the day, found that the flow of at least 20 thousand or more, while biz and me because too strange, in contrast I decided to apply for the domain name www.tonghuashun.cc, CC at the end of the domain name to apply the price is very expensive, then buy price is more than 300 or 190 I forgot. But bear a child sets the wolf, this money is still not stingy as well.

for a good domain name after I immediately to find other tonghuashun domain name of the site, the contents are copied again, simple life, is to provide some flush different versions of the stock software download, I want to do is to exceed them, row on the first page, then every day comfortably earned a lot of money, I think these are fast slobber flow down. I want to compete when the keyword "flush", was in the front row, only skycn pconline two station, and flush at the official website of Google in the first place, Baidu has ranked in the bottom of the first page, in the Baidu.