Talk about the barrage function in video sites

A change in some recent

work content, will involve some video products, for a long time did not see the video, quickly catching up. Today, talk about the "barrage" function in video products.

The term "

barrage" was first used in the military field, referring to intensive fire attack on an area. In 2006, Niconico, Japan’s video sharing site, first tried to display user comments in real-time on video screens. Since the comments were quick to float across the screen, similar to bullets in flight, it was figuratively called the "barrage."".

one, barrage function

another form of criticism

traditional comments are generally aimed at the whole episode, and if the audience wants to evaluate a fragment of the video, they need to describe the pieces they want to comment on. One benefit of the barrage is that it gives the review a time stamp, and you can direct your comments in each scene.

II. Perfect content

in the barrage, we often see a lot of "God Tucao", "subtitle king" and "popular science emperor"…… These barrage can enrich the content of the video, and through Tucao and other ways to reproduce content. For example, when watching some American drama or burning brain slices, the presence of the barrage can help the audience understand the plot better. It is a popular form of UGC science. And most of the video, and can not always seize the audience, when the screen boring, the presence of the barrage, to capture the user’s attention is scattered.

social satisfaction: interactive chat,

because the barrage is based on the time label and displayed on the same screen, for the third party viewer, will produce a "interactive chat" illusion, to understand what everyone is saying. And when the barrage comes up with the same idea as you do, it strengthens the sense of identity in the video.


Barrage is really a new, fun way to interact with reviews, and you can see people’s view of this scene / picture for the first time. Many people will even choose the first time just watch video, second times to brush a barrage, visible barrage culture on the user’s deep impact.

two, hot barrage

once saw a very interesting article, analysis of the 10000 B station barrage, summed up some of the B station barrage routines. The following figure is a high frequency vocabulary of some meaningless words filtered out of the article.

barrage high frequency vocabulary

hot Barrage is divided into four categories,

brush presence: grab the front position, counting a barrage of confession, Liu Ming poker.

target type barrage: hand over the cover, hot eyes, remind friends on-line.

qualitative barrage for video >