One of the new stations, how to locate the site

is the first time I write text, such as not to place also please understand, from the graph king Adsense nets to see many articles, from really learned a lot of knowledge, and share their experiences, or to enter the theme!!!


a small and well chosen industry,

I want to make people know: Wang Tong: this man, there are a lot of people have seen his article, there is such an article, which referred to as: trash sites and obtain profits, in fact we can think of, trash trash sites in many kinds of products, the price of each opaque. The list, so it is profiteering, another reason is that most of the people in this web site is the needs of the people, that is to say the majority of visitors will buy, so we do not prevent imagine if your site, IP rarely, but are those who need to visit, what:: This is a small area of market

2. chooses his own specialty,

I think this is not difficult to understand it, to find their own strengths to make the website, this relatively easy, I personally think that this kind of website, the best made interactive website, such as forums or question and answer, can use their expertise to answer visitors, this helps to repeat, but also can increase their professional knowledge, there is the premise to do this kind of site Oh, that is to have professional knowledge Oh, this is not nonsense? This is second

3. find some Internet users interested in

this requires the webmaster to have a good view of force and " prophet " the ability to, this should be in time, oh,

actually do stand, looks very simple, but it is difficult, I think: it is simple to complex to simple, many of our webmaster all come to this complex step, a little more effort, think of some more, I want to go to this simple step of it,

well, he wrote it, if it feels good, give me a hand, I will continue to work hard,