The new mode of pen tracing station website orders long profit

network development, the progress of the times, the network in people’s eyes, is not just the media bearing information. And people make money first, the network gave birth to one of the IT "expert", also contributed to the growth and development of this seemingly webmaster fashion industry, five years ago, perhaps you can because you are a webmaster and proud, five years later you might because he is a webmaster and helpless. Stationmaster, this road is no longer so good. The hao123 model has been very difficult to reach. Every day is site, statistics, traffic. Day and night the update, only let yourself feel gratified is to see the instant flow thousands of pride, union exploited, and how much do the webmaster to hand. IP GG every day tens of thousands of There are plenty of people who stand only 2-3 knife. But I like the webmaster of this industry, although a lot of loneliness and helplessness, but I yearn for the freedom of their own control of time, the webmaster in addition to do stand, we still have more ways to make money. The following to discuss with you.

I’m a station owner myself. Hand an article stand a QQ station, do a year QQ, finally broke through the 1WIP mark, do the mother and GG. By GG, the unit price is too low, one day only the poor 10 came to the knife. In addition to electricity, Internet, rent, the last remaining server would have let myself eat a bowl of Hand-Pulled Noodle every day. Not to mention the money to send their girlfriend to her beloved gift, to buy a house, to marry, the pressure of life, I am tired. Although every night before 2 never slept, teasing by his girlfriend said the computer is closer than your dad, your computer is more important than everything! All day with computer do your break site, you earn money in? But I still believe I can do a webmaster afford yourself, keep from my home, afford me a woman. I have learned a lot from doing a website. Adsense not just do stand, since the flow can not, why not change ideas?. With that in mind, I went to Admin5’s deal to see. A look, I immediately came to the spirit, really regret, usually only know update, promotion of their web site, just think of their own flow, GG.

because of their own stations are usually their own care. The template, ASP and PHP, logo, what does not say, very professional, at least understand, I want to play with a web site for one or two years, these things should not be too difficult to do, not to mention. Registered an account, it is easy to find a single web site list, it is estimated that the novice. The demand is not too high. He gave me a stand, let me follow his imitation, the price 800. In this way, a single business talks, and then a cigarette to continue. Boil all night, the site has a bit like, in the morning to find intermediary East son, he said, some details need to change, the morning slightly changed the appointment, noon delivery. That’s it. The 800 is here. Even myself can not believe, an overnight, a morning for 800. Recall the past to do their own website days, an overnight change just to Baidu more than a few pages, in exchange for only Baidu more than a few IP, in exchange for only a few clicks GG. That’s it!