Taobao commodity page how to set up, can better improve store conversion rate


customers come in from your ads to your store, they see your merchandise page. At this point, the customer will have two choices, one is to buy, and the other is to leave. As sellers, we are more hope that customers can buy our products, then how to do that? Please follow Li thunder’s ideas to analyze how to set up the product page, to better enhance the conversion rate of stores.

, let’s consider from the consumer’s point of view, what does the product page need to tell the consumer?

1. Why do customers want to buy your product

two, how do you let customers decide to buy your products instead of your competitors’


three, how to reassure customers to buy your product

four, how to get customers to buy more of your products

five, how to make customers willing to buy your next product

above problems, as long as we solve, then Taobao road will be accessible,

shop strokes as well as the main map, we will not consider this piece. Shop in general, the home page is considered, of course, the internal page is also more important, but this article does not involve. The main map should also be counted on the baby page, but there is another function of the main map is drainage, this will be taken out alone, this article is not involved.

below, Li Leiting for the above five questions one by one to explain:

1. Why do customers want to buy your product

we need to study

from the following aspects

1, store promotion,

shop promotion, we all know that customers do not buy cheap goods, but to make customers feel that they have taken advantage of. Now Taobao shop, if you do not discount, people are embarrassed to buy with you, so discount tools are needed, and in accordance with their own products, make a certain discount to attract customers to order.

some tools are:

with package, full delivery, full discount, limited time promotions and so on.


2, effect display,

is the main model pictures, such as selling clothes, wearing clothes with models to show buyers, sell handbags with models with bags to buyers, selling cabinets, renderings with family cooking to see buyers. In general, the best is to use contrast, a good effect of the product used in this picture, and a picture of the product has not been used in comparison, it is easy for customers to perceive the advantages of the product.


3, marketing copywriter,

is mainly about