On the construction of gate apartment in Zhuhai Special Administrative Region

was the first to introduce the site of my own — Zhuhai medical network (075691.com), the name of the site with 91 pure digital pronunciation is a homonym, 0756 is the area code for Zhuhai, it’s easy to remember, but I am extremely hard to publish, collection of articles, the total number reached thousands of articles, but also with some free sites included website submit, but a week later, Baidu began to included, however, the most terrible is just a home page, or when I install the program website snapshot when, really let me very angry.

I was with great passion to see a localized door apartment layout website, just graduated in 2008, I went to work in Zhuhai a private enterprise, where I saw the local hospital competition is very intense, I want to build a Zhuhai apartment layout refers to the south medical site, to provide a full range of medical information for the local people in Zhuhai, my intention is good, but also persist for a very long time, hard every day to write articles, pictures, add watermarks, busy every day looking at the results, I am very satisfied, look at Baidu included, Google included a sudden mood… Fell to the bottom, is really terrible,

recently happened to go online, see the webmaster site webmaster about SEO here, I see a lot of soft, feeling a bit slowly started, back immediately to my site keywords, description, title do some optimization, fortunately, there are many practical tools webmaster tools, including keyword the density of query tools the most exciting to me, I immediately in the webmaster station registered an account, feel at home here. It is comfortable, people are the webmaster, when I look back, I am also a grassroots webmaster!

grew up, excited, incoherent. Such as reproduced or thrown bricks, please do not forget, I came from Zhuhai medical service network (www.075691.com)