The four dimension reveals the mystery of operation for you

hopes that every new and old operating partner will continue to upgrade their capabilities and equip them with the road of big coffee industry.

every person who enters the job market or every job hopping person has several problems: what kind of job do I want to do? What’s the right job for me? What kind of work can I do? It all reflects on one’s own reflection and thinking about work.

said of work, from the birth of the Internet to today, the prevalence of mobile Internet, accompanied by numerous jobs alternating and job iteration. Especially in the Internet plays an important role in the operation, but also a variety of positions, called indefinite. So that people who want to engage in operations, I do not know how to choose, but also a lot of people who initially entered the operation for 1-2 years confused.

below, I will try from four dimensions: operation core module, company product attributes, operation character and Internet development view. Try to uncover the mystery of operation for you.

first, the operation of the 5 core modules

‘s first core module is the product

The operation of

products requires a relatively high capacity for individuals. They need quick access to their products and be able to analyze competing products with a business perspective. That is to understand all kinds of operational methods, strategies, but also be able to walk into the user, promotion channels around.

in short, you should be able to complete the product’s various data indicators (access, downloads, registration, retention, transformation, etc.), and also be able to make recommendations on product function iterations.

product operations Internet Co two extreme phenomena: small companies in the whole stack operations (do everything), large companies in the fine operations (just do the same), each has advantages and disadvantages, as appropriate.

The second core module of

is content

The operation of

content is becoming more and more extensive with the content definition of Internet. The basic text, news, information, audio and video, and even live broadcast are all included in the content category. But basically writing and literary skills are excellent, and according to the attributes of the product and the user to the planning content, the production maintenance content, content and content of audit released effect evaluation to do optimization and even interactive feedback. To complete the corresponding data indicators, such as content, output, content quality, release, click through rate, browse, and so on.


content in the Internet operating level level of large span, tall on the news editing, copywriting and entrepreneurship, quality audit, as workers as water pipeline standards released and other positions, according to their own aspirations, choice need to be cautious.

The third core module of

is the user

The core operation of

users, as its name implies, is to operate around the user center, in essence, to meet the needs of users, create value for users, and achieve corresponding rewards. In >