Adsense Western Union remittance process complete record

AdSense ads on the

website, when the income of more than 100 U.S. dollars, you can receive the payment of advertising fees paid by Google. In this paper, the garden record is recorded through the Western Union remittance process, and we hope to help the students who will receive the US dollar soon.

benefits of using Western Union

Adsense currently offers only two types of payment, one is to pay the advertising fee by mail check, and the other is the Western Union introduced by the garden. Use the mail has a big disadvantage is timeliness, probably in about a month to receive a check, and the use of safe delivery if there is US$25.00 fee, obviously it is a very fair charge to the webmaster.

then use free remittance, remittance from the whole process of payment by Western Union in fee Google has paid for us, that is to say we only need to bring relevant information directly to the support of Western Union banks make money out of it. In addition, if you are on the 25 day of this month to see payment information, you can carry relevant information on the 26 day to collect. Convenient, fast and free. Who doesn’t like the benefits,


here is a collection of home consolidation, Western Union remittance, collection point Daquan, you can check your nearest network, where you can go directly to.

preparatory work for Western Union collection

preparation is very important. Everything is ready. You can complete all the formalities within five minutes. The garden goes to the postal savings. Need to carry things are: identity card (or driver’s license), postal bank card, identity card copy, and Adsense background to meet the payment conditions arising from the payment details.

, in which payment details can be seen in the Adsense background of my account ->, payment history ->, payment has been issued – details, as shown below:


details of payment details

I is to print out the payment details, is also convenient to copy bank.

complete the above information, you can go to the bank collection. The postal bank card and ID card copy is not required, the bank explained that if you have the card you will avoid a lot of tedious formalities, perhaps this is I am finishing in two minutes due to


fill in the relevant flow sheet

to the postal savings do not need the call, specifically for the foreign exchange window, directly to the foreign exchange window to list can be pretty MM.

I’ve filled out two copies, all of them in two copies. It’s much easier to collect now