From entry to mastery, Discuz! Application Center Operations Guide

not long ago, Kang Sheng company (Comsenz) officially released the new version of Discuz, X2.5 and Discuz application center. Discuz! Application center not only represents the Discuz! Third open, and is famous for its convenience, so it is described as the support of a key operation, convenient for Adsense? The first time to download the new version, decided to take a look.

software name: Discuz, X2.5


software version: official version of

software size: 9.22MB

software license: free

applicable platform: Win9X, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003

download address: pn=0.html

by the end of May this year, Discuz! Application center of the achievements are as follows: 450 launched a variety of applications, there are more than 2100 developers and development of the third party to join the team, there are 100000 sites to install the application, the total number of installed more than 500 thousand times. In the new version of X2.5 Discuz! Drive, Discuz! Application Center developers, application number and the installed capacity is still growing steadily, there is no doubt that Discuz! Application center is expected to become the largest market of community software application platform.


: Discuz, application center, home page,

AppStore and Google

and apple Android market, Discuz! Application center is a four storey building ecological chain: third party developers, Discuz! Web application center, and users, this is also the first case in china. As the largest provider of community platform, Discuz! I hope to build a platform, let the webmaster can quickly find the required plug-ins or templates, support installation and convenient upgrade, but also provides a release, showing opportunities for developers.

The use of the

search box

After the official launch of

, Discuz Application Center added search box to facilitate webmaster better find, install applications. For example, the webmaster can directly enter the application keyword "fresh" in the home page, and find the corresponding template.


diagram: use of search box

current Discuz application types supported by the application center include plug-ins, templates, and extensions. Transmission >