A military web site attracts 39 million of its investment, valuing 800 million…

Abstract: in military vertical field, since the science and technology listed the first half has been given increased 4 times, raising a total of nearly 100 million yuan, for a start 15 years of military literature website, "science and technology is accelerating". The reason why the continuous financing, valuation rising, an important reason is that IP.


is always very lucky on military web sites.

April 25th, the light media to 39 million and the fourth round of blood network fixed increase, only a month ago, the light joint investment and its establishment of the film company.

November 6, 2015, the net of blood and blood formally listed new three board, the valuation soared from 470 million to 800 million.

at the same time, "Snow Leopard", "second hand", "code", "wolf" is called the sparrow and other films and TV story, but also from the original predator community network novel, the reserves of more than 6000 novel IP;

iron and blood network, since its birth in 2001, the forum, after 15 years, so that the vertical military web site industry first, listing three new board, the valuation of 800 million, it has what secret?

CEO Jiang Lei, 16 years old, walks Tsinghua

for a popular young people, the most fortunate thing to catch up with the wave of the tide.

Jiang Lei, 16, walks into Tsinghua University, 20, walks directly to study for a doctorate. Born in Sichuan, Nanchong, the young man became famous but was not proud at all. Who would have thought that he and his team are for military enthusiasts, founded on Tiexue, will become the first military vertical industry, estimated 800 million yuan.

time goes back to the 2001, 16 year old Jiang Leichu into the Tsinghua Yuan, released a "virtual" Military "(later renamed the military network), chief; and then he the same floor of the law school student Ouyang to join the site. Subsequently, the network has made many personnel expansion, and some professional vertical social networking sites similar, the entrepreneurial team of the vast majority of members are also military enthusiasts, which gives them a unique cohesive force.

three years later, Jiang Lei formally formed the Beijing iron and blood Technology Co., Ltd., as the CEO. During the period also encountered financial breaks, partners disagree, when faced with these difficult entrepreneurial process, he has survived.

now, the predator network has become an integrated platform for communities, online reading, games, e-commerce and other products. Daily impact of real-time 500 Wan Jun fans, become the military, electricity supplier areas, the most influential integrated website.

in Jiang Lei, and can not see the media in pursuit of the aura, 16 year old walked Tsinghua University, and the country’s largest military community founder, these identity, he does not seem concerned. Occasionally with a stutter when speaking faster.