Buy site and business game win-win need to seek long-term collusion

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to describe the group purchase site in Chinese development with a word, that is "if suddenly spring night, thousands of pear trees." But this is not the flower, but in the country of the group purchase website from blossom everywhere, to handle Wowo, from the 58 to the public comments, the local group purchase website are not poor, is specializing in group purchase field, see more halfway into the market group purchase market hot cake to the Internet Co, in addition, also with the Tencent cooperation and the introduction of group purchase business foreign monks "GROUPON China version" (Gao Peng). For a time, group purchase market to fight like a raging fire, strong competition in venture capital or not, competition advertising coverage and broadcast frequency is high or low, a number of group purchase website down immediately, there are new to the top, however, behind this situation reflects the huge market risk group purchase hidden, a little careless, today behind the scenes may be tomorrow due to funding strand breaks and forced to close the helpless.

recently group purchase market "most awesome" news is the giant into China in the high-profile Gaopeng group purchase and the rapid expansion of their own sphere of influence, the scenery not too long will be the abolition of branch company suddenly announced a number of two or three line city, adjust the layout, even when complacent giants are helpless to make the group purchase the contraction decided not to mention those that did not have the money and human resources, strong support to the group purchase website. Based on this, as the group purchase website operator, must consider how to make own business volume to maintain steady growth and decline, the steady growth of the number of users without loss, on this basis to consider the steady expansion and not like Gao Peng, not yet safe to expand. Only in this way can we avoid a similar crisis and live through the current hot winter.

refers to the game between the group purchase website and business cooperation, cooperation in the pursuit of win-win benefit at the same time, more needs to focus on long-term, at the same time ensuring that profits do more long-term layout, the pursuit of long-term survival and development, in order to change the group purchase website and businessman disadvantages of cooperation in the presence of, to avoid the damage caused by the long-term development of group purchase business.


group purchase website and business cooperation. There are still many drawbacks, which is reflected in: one is the business screening are not strictly reliable, leading to product quality is not guaranteed to infringe upon the rights and interests of consumers, this is a direct result of group purchase site reputation damaged, the loss of the number of customers, which will directly affect the credibility and attractiveness of the site for a long time; two is the group purchase website and business cooperation are one-time, after a cooperation relationship with the subsequent follow-up no maintenance, no more from a long-term perspective on both sides more beneficial cooperation mode; three is in the consumer group purchase coupons with group purchase website role for consumption, lack of serious, did not establish a good circulation mechanism in in the process of consumption, so that businesses and group purchase site can form a continuous appeal to consumers, consumers continue to promote The use of group buying business, to cultivate more long-term consumer groups. These disadvantages have a direct impact on the group buying website