Liu Tongzhou from campus personal webmaster to network company chairman

      all the savings in the family is only 80 thousand yuan; even the opening of the Internet company is not enough to start a small amount of money. At one time a year ago, Liu Tongzhou, a junior at the Wuhan University of Science and Technology, was worried all day about venture capital. Now, he is chairman of Wuhan perfect network service Co. Ltd., the company’s initial investment of 1 million 200 thousand yuan, the vast majority are him through a 90 minute speech to raise, it can not be said to be a legend. Now that the company is on track, monthly income is increasing exponentially.

Liu Tongzhou’s family is an ordinary village in Yang County, Xiping County, Henan province. "I never thought I’d go into business." During his college years, Liu Tongzhou said, he wanted to study. By chance, he was classmates pull the podium, for an educational institution recruitment propaganda promotion to make a speech, two hours down to earn 500 yuan; a summer vacation, he purchased a number of mobile phone from Wuhan to his former high school for sale, one month down, there are thousands of yuan of money later, he also undertake; a training institution "46 class" campus promotion, each extension of a man he can get 20 yuan reward"…… In May 2007, Liu Tongzhou, who was very interested in the Internet, began to make his own web site and proxy domain names and virtual hosts online. Because of its low cost, many netizens won the favor. See profitable, Liu Tongzhou buy a website to come up with 4000 yuan tuition money, to further expand the scale of business.

to that summer vacation, Liu Tongzhou’s website popularity is getting higher and higher, "at that time someone has already bought 40 thousand yuan to my website."." Seeing the prospect of a website business, Liu Tongzhou has come up with a bigger idea, opening a web company of his own. In order to start a company, the most important thing is to have funds. But even if the entire family savings are out, it is not enough to open the network company’s 1 million yuan to start a small amount of money. Liu Tongzhou, a business savvy, thought of financing. He told some of his best friends and university teachers about the idea of opening an Internet company, but the amount of money was still not enough.

at the end of last October, because in the dormitory fees paid by others to buy the domain name query whether the arrival of the class, always advance to the classroom the first time Liu Tongzhou was late. After class, Liu Tongzhou explained the reason for his late arrival to the teacher who taught the business negotiation class. At that time, the teacher just attended Wuhan University, EMBA, most of the students are "worth millions of millions" business owners. Not only did the teacher not criticize Liu Tongzhou, he also wrote a business plan, he suggested that he go to class EMBA to make a speech, maybe he could let the bosses invest.

a university students in reading, can let those in the market for decades veteran corporate bosses will "get" out of money? Liu Tongzhou said, the key is to have confidence in their own projects, "one that is fooled even their own project, always impress others". In the school prepared for two days, access to a large number of Internet industry report, Liu Tongzhou came to Wuhan University EMBA class, face >