How does the classified information platform kiss the mobile nternet

in the mobile Internet trends, many Internet products are difficult to keep up with its pace. People don’t feel every hour and moment in the changes brought by the mobile Internet, mobile Internet impact on the feeling of the original life, work, learning all aspects of the ecological system, with some in the trend in rolling, and some are still waiting to see or is insufficient.

classified information website has in people’s life plays an important role, looking for a house, looking for a job, looking for housekeeping all cannot do without it, abroad such as Craigslist, Avito, the 58 main city, Ganji, people network platform etc.. Classified information website has reached more than 3000 in the domestic peak, of course with the market constantly eliminated, classified information platform can now well known, a hand can be counted, which is partly because users mature, one is because of the market competition, the most important is because the mobile internet caused by the split, let a lot of classified information platform be taken by surprise. In this wave of mobile Internet, how should the classified information platform kiss the mobile Internet?

classification information platform faces barriers in mobile Internet

(1) external erosion. Mobile Internet is a huge cake, everyone wants to bite, but for now, the mobile Internet can really "money" that a few blocks, LBS, O2O, electricity providers, social value-added services, including LBS, O2O Mobile Games, but many people in the "fat", for the lack of Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Gao De, Sina, want to make a breakthrough in this piece, some time ago Baidu navigation and High German navigation war, there is little not trying to snatch the O2O and LBS ambitions.

There is a conflict

classification information platform which many services and O2O and LBS, such as hotel reservation, ticket service, wedding life distribution, move, and map navigation and even WeChat are fundamentally in conflict. Facing the classified information platform is not only a few giant impact, segments of the impact is not weak, like special hotel APP and special local life APP, and other recruitment, real estate and other vertical mobile products, and in the classified information platform to grab food, classified information platform itself is to go the platform line, but now some of the "small is beautiful" mobile Internet products to forced to retreat.

(2) channel disadvantage. There are two main disadvantages of the channel I speak here, one is that the channel advantage of itself is not obvious, the other is too little cooperation with other channels.

‘s own advantage is not obvious because the current mobile Internet portal is too small, and there is a demand problem. One is social, one is browser, one is APP distribution, and there are other channels, of course. Its own entrance is small, and the user’s demand for classification information platform is not too high, users can >