Grassroots webmaster should be how to effectively promote local web site

in 2010, a large number of local websites emerged, and I followed the trend of the times and made a local station. The first of his brief, I graduated 09 years in the school of electronic information engineering an engineering class, joined the North drifters, drift for a year, the pressure of reality forced me to back to the three line of the city’s hometown – Inner Mongolia city of Chifeng. After the answer, parents to find a job, wages are not high, but very idle, free time is very much. In addition to the Internet love, also saw the prospect of local websites, so I was determined to get a local website, the content of my station is mainly classified information, local recruitment, housing rental, show business, the local community and so on. Although he is a school of electronic information, but the ability to develop their own website or not, so in a good place to buy online website system, in order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, will not introduce the name of the system, and then to buy space, so my life in Chifeng in 2010 November on the line.


may be described above are not the webmaster concern, but my aim is to show I was a real grassroots grassroots or not giving someone a lot of money to invest, then please bypass, avoid to delay your time. Here we go to the topic, see how grassroots Adsense promotion local website, I from online promotion and offline promotion two parts to expand:

one. Online promotion

1.QQ group extension

I have a few QQ, designed to add a local group, and group a little skill, many groups are required to add information to verify, through the audit, I usually fill in the information in the verification of "buddy introduction", "the friend said," it is just let the administrator feel you know them well, so that usually through the. In this way, I added more than 200 local senior groups, 500 people, and 200 people. Join the group, many groups have their own format name, if you have time for the group are in accordance with the provisions of the rewrite their name, otherwise you later if the advertising words, a look at your administrator is outside, then the consequences as can be imagined. With the addition of the group, we are sure to start publicizing our website. There are also tips for publicity. Don’t send some hard ads with links. It makes people look uncomfortable. You can add some local hot news on your website, press a catchy title, so you put the title and the connection to the group, so people think this is behoove a piece of news, but also to bring our website browsing, the popularity of the site is a little bit of accumulation up. My website has video module, usually I will give each big video website popular video posted on my website, and then through the above press way sent to the QQ group, also attracted a lot of Liuhe quantity.

2.QQ mail promotion

here says QQ mail >