Do some of Taobao’s experience cheats

I haven’t written some Taobao customer experience introductory article, it is not willing to share, I think is really not worth sharing, "the right stuff, but also to show off?". With Ali mother Taobao customers continue to regulate the new rules, Amoy increase, this Taobao off the business I think can do it, but also bigger and stronger. As for how to become bigger and stronger, I think you need to learn from the "Taobao guest comrades" experience, but not only paying is not enough, so they have to share my own not successful experience thoughts to you, do not throw bricks! Otherwise, I still own the muffled go to a small fortune.

well, talk about a few experience experience.

1. Have your own website,

There are many kinds of

Taobao customer promotion, the blog promotion, the promotion of forum, use QQ chat to promote the use of bulk mail promotion, there are a lot of people set up their own website promotion, of course, there are many I don’t know the way (oh, people generally not easily leak).

in the above way, QQ chat and mail mass, I am very disgusted, and I also believe that this way can not earn money, it is recommended to use these methods to promote friends quickly change the way.

use blog promotion is a good way of promotion, but it is difficult for you to control your blog site, it is difficult for you to do optimization more of the many good means of promotion is very difficult for the novice, for example: Taobao channel promotion, Taobao search marketing, Taobao theme promotion etc.. If the forum is not appropriate, it will be deleted as spam speech.

build your own web site, which I think is the most effective way to promote my new station Of course, the establishment of the site is not everyone can implement, many Taobao customers, I believe that many do not know how to build a web site.

why is it best to build your own web site,


(1) has its own web site, so you can always know how it works. What are the most popular web sites? How many people visit the site every day? How many of them are interested in buying?. Analysis of the information, to improve the turnover rate is a great advantage, at least we can heart bottom (suggest that Ali mother to provide detailed information, background data so that we can be targeted analysis improvement).

(2) has its own web site, and you can do the necessary SEO. SEO is necessary to do, I’m completely against those for flow and SEO, so the flow of the conversion transaction is not very good, that is not the visitors want to see the information, do you think he will continue to do? SEO is necessary to improve the conversion rate, and is not all for the flow and do SE>