Four points of experience in enterprise micro-blog marketing

under the growing environment of micro-blog, it has undoubtedly become a major channel for enterprises to start brand awareness and develop target customers. For micro-blog’s marketing strategy, depending on the brand and industry vary. You must develop appropriate micro-blog marketing strategies based on your own business. But in these strategies is not untraceable. The following author for micro-blog’s marketing strategy to share their own four suggestions, we hope to operate micro-blog inspired.

1: real time monitoring of industry information, proactive

every day on micro-blog, large and small amounts of information are not counted, some of which may involve your brand or industry. For this information, the key is to pre empt, and we can use some software to monitor the relevant key words in real time. For example, when someone mentions information about how to use a product or consult a brand on micro-blog, you can take the initiative and give him useful information. Or forward some information that will attract the target customer. At the same time, we can also focus on our competitor’s micro-blog, monitor micro-blog’s hot spots in real time, and tap potential customers through competitors.

two: the picture is better than the text, borrow the map to play

A picture of

can beat you thousands of words, while micro-blog has limited number of words. If you want to attract fans to pay attention or to express your ideas more clearly, a beautiful picture is essential. In one picture, you can use it to showcase your latest product and attract target customers. But our pictures don’t always show the product, and our pictures should be more focused on the interaction of visitors. For example, the clothing industry, we can not just send some of the latest clothing, but also can send some popular culture related pictures, and fans interact.

three: the platform is different, the marketing is different,

currently has many micro-blog platforms, including mainstream Sina, micro-blog, well developed Tencent, micro-blog, and other Sohu, micro-blog, NetEase, micro-blog, and so on. If your enterprise has started micro-blog in the micro-blog platform, then you need to ensure that every micro-blog platform has different operation modes and marketing content, carefully release the same content in so many micro-blog. If we release the same content on so many platforms, there may be a risk of excessive marketing. Constant exposure to the same marketing information can cause boredom in your fans, and your fans may cancel your attention.

four: good customer, to treat each other

micro-blog marketing is a social media marketing tool that you need to interact with your visitors. First of all, you need to know your customers, befriend, build a good relationship with your customers, and increase your loyalty to your customers. We can make our enterprise brand more user-friendly through micro-blog, so that our customers really understand that communicating with them is a real person, not a boring machine. >