Role change, from space buyers to space providers

brother clearly remember, in 2001, when the younger brother in Zhanjiang’s blue sea silver sand site spent 200 yuan to register the first international domain name, obtained the free 200M static homepage space. The website is fast and stable, leaving a very good impression on the younger brother. (of course, the static can not help? Ha ha. Later, the blue sea, silver sand gave up space business.

however, shortly after the establishment of the website, the free application of the message can not meet the needs of members, the younger brother urgently need to establish a forum to develop. Little brother vaguely remember, my brother is in Fujian, Xiamen, China * * * spent 450 yuan to buy a 100M ASP space. At that time, I did not understand anything, and the forums were often closed. Contact space providers, can not solve the problem, apply for a refund, the results dragged. So I don’t have much interest in this company right now. (the company is very famous, and there are advertisements in many places.

now think, it is estimated that the space constraints are more strict. Then think of the new revised version of the good boy house is very beautiful, but also buy space send procedures, on the purchase of his CGI space, then the webmaster is engrossing (this gentleman controversial). Later upgraded to the IPB forum, using the PHP space. Slowly, the website revision and development, has changed several spaces.

at that time the dynamic web space is very expensive, space costs is a webmaster biggest burden, poor performance, slow, unstable, the price is expensive, every year more than 1000 yuan.

‘s vicious competition,

before 2008 October, the younger brother was always a space user, only vaguely aware of space. And in 2008 October, the younger brother entered the friend’s Guangzhou host network ( to help, it really began to have a clear concept, but also completed the change of role.

‘s brother’s friend used to work as an individual studio to build an enterprise. He built a website for himself and bought a server. Because 1G space sold 88 yuan, and the speed is good, but also very stable. Along with the increasing customers, advertising plays a human effect, many customers introduced a friend to buy space, business development, and set up a network technology company (, now has increased to more than a dozen servers. It can be said that the beginning of the enterprise is the main business site, the space is supporting the introduction of.

brother, because of the limitations of the level, the following is a bad place to say, please brother criticism, correction.

introduction to space types

brother’s company’s space is divided into 4 types according to its purposes, namely, personal space, high-speed space, enterprise space and Hongkong space. Small brother built for the enterprise website, generally with enterprise space. A lot of people would ask, what is the difference between an enterprise space and a personal space? Why?