The webmaster, wait, can’t bring you P and money

What about the IP

station, and money, and perhaps more… At least… I value most of these two, because I’m a garbage station, I have no time to think and consider the experience of the web site to the user, there is no time to investigate… I only care about Baidu, because only he can give which of your so-called junk to bring traffic and money, if only for a moment, although there will be such a day sooner or later you said, Baidu will make you completely abandoned, but how many webmaster do not always on tenterhooks life every day! How many owners still do not rely on or the oneself in the eyes of others is regarded as garbage station to maintain their monthly rent, electricity, Internet, and even the most can not give up the server fee! How many webmaster still wandering in this station Like the crossroads of the bright road, and do not know where to go, because there is no station IP, not to mention money.

doesn’t talk about garbage or not. I’ve written about personal feelings and opinions about garbage stations in the previous article. If you like, you can go and have a look. "Do the dumpster I live very well" Confessions of a garbage station or that sentence, the so-called industry and lucrative station now you can play around it, how many people can play in turn, so I just discussed in the eyes of others as no money and long-term the development goal of garbage station, because our purpose is not to rely on this station either QQ or live novels are non mainstream and their life as a business goal, as long as the eyes can bring benefits to us on the line. All we need is just a day to look at GG or other Union accounts, and the increase in funds and the renminbi is enough.


first choice, I mean, time and waiting aren’t your website’s IP inflation standards and guidelines. Although our garbage station, although we rely on search, whether it is domestic boss, Baidu, or the world’s oldest dog. If you stand ready, if you have included Baidu, if you think that with the increase of time your site weight will also increase the search in which words which is completely mistaken, do not think that new sites do, as long as one day Baidu will include you. I used to register several domains, whether it’s COM, ORG or CN. At the same time do the station, within a few days, the content of several stations are basically substantial, almost. Because of the work there is to see the spread of the network to write a SEO article, new sites don’t do too many links to what is not half a month, a month Baidu is not received, the so-called half theory and on january. I put where other places, waiting for the arrival of Baidu and included, and I just took a CN in constant maintenance. One to two months and three months later, now the CN 5 thousand on the IP, which has a few friends or even to 2000 old, Baidu has failed to interest, because even I didn’t go to the tube.

secondly, don’t think about it when you do it