Webmaster, please don’t complain about yourself, no money, is your laziness hurt you

writing this article today may lead to some controversy, and I hope to understand. It’s just words and facts.

mixed the grassroots webmaster industry for a long time people, why has been complaining about not making money? See others a lot a lot of money why you earn? Does your website theme is not clear? Their low technology content is not abundant enough? These reasons are in fact not?. The only reason is my laziness. Why do I say so? Everyone will say I’m online more than 20 hours a day, updating my website, publicizing websites and learning other people’s experiences. But you don’t have our own think of yourself if you make full use of the 20 hours? Think it 20 hours very often? The same day online only 3-5 hours webmaster earn far more than you, you pay attention to these problems? Wondered why? Look soft, not necessarily the article content is written well, for you, think things are not the same for people, so you need to go their own way, others can do reference.

online article Wangzhuan is really beyond count, Wangzhuan site is also their own All flowers bloom together.. But can really help the webmaster to make money, there are several, the same words, come back, personal Adsense, how many able to adhere to, unremitting efforts to fight,


will take a simple example, you have no experience, no technology can still earn money, you just lazy, see some articles about the content you scare yourself, why can others? You can not, this is not lazy at least you should try?. Here’s a simple example for everyone,

built 3 stations, each station if the day IP1000, adding 3 alliances, generally a lot, not GG, Baidu, Ali Mama, you join the show the number of stations, 1000IP to 3 dollars a month, hundreds of, sell connection in addition, GG, Baidu, Ali mother it can be nearly a thousand dollars a month, it is not easy but you can stick with it, the 3 station every day of the update, the propaganda is not a simple job, this is a simple, is suitable for beginners to do the way to make money. There are many on the network, as personal webmaster I personally think that you don’t dream, reality, don’t want you to think of a new idea of a sudden fire up, you find your VC investment, this idea can only be in the dream, too unreliable. Therefore, we pragmatic, pragmatic go. Money will as you experience a gradual increase, not all of a sudden. They eat into fatty, then drop on Many a little make a mickle..

Internet is the land of the Nuggets, regardless of now or later, depends on how you grasp yourself. Don’t let your laziness kill you. Thanks to the grassroots Webmaster Station feeds: www.cgadmin.com please indicate the source and author