Share some small county forums to achieve rapid profitability of some methods

believes that the student who saw the title must have thought that another B was coming. Actually, this is the development experience of a local Internet Co in the small county where I really experienced. Let’s talk about the specific circumstances of the county. It’s a small county town. It’s really small. It’s less than ten kilometers from east to west. Followed by low income, but relatively high level of consumption, the level of consumption is higher than the provincial capital; and higher prices, and the provincial capital housing prices compared to one thousand or two thousand. But the local employment is less, and it belongs to the county of population output type. Finish saying this county town, say the concrete circumstance of this company again. At the beginning, this company is an advertising company, mainly engaged in the store of luminous words and websites, business cards and other construction, but the development is not very good. So in 09 years, we began to set up a local forum.

initial promotion: in fact, the initial promotion, the company has gone through detours. First let temporary employees and find the release of a large number of leaflets, the beginning is scattered along the street flyers, late street, a shop is a hair. But the effect is not very obvious, a few days later, the forum is also about a few hundred people. The total cost is about one thousand and five hundred, mainly publicity, single page costs and labor costs. However, this promotion has made more people aware of the forum, although no advertiser has put it into advertising. And this time, the company is still relying on the previous business to support.

looking for businesses: because the company has been advertising and leaflets. So, and many businessmen are more familiar with. Therefore, we began to discuss the form of forum advertisement with the merchants. In fact, this time, running business employees, the heart is virtual. Because the forum is not popular. But, unexpectedly, due to the pre publicity, the forum is also a well-known advertising, and the price is cheaper, but traditional industry bosses do not know the specific flow of our forum (so, here you can put small boast site traffic, and this kind of advertising businesses can not perceive the specific effect), so the site is the first batch of advertising revenue. In fact, the income of the website income bottleneck: if we completely rely on advertising, is unlikely to have so much income, because the location of advertising and Advertising Co., the price is more than one thousand months, the monthly income is thousands of dollars. If the cost of accounting, then still in the loss of money, because there are four or five employees. But the company also has previous advertising business, so it can survive. Therefore, how to find new profit growth point is an important problem for the company.

revenue Breakout:

1: in fact, when the company is facing the bottleneck of business growth, a large part of the company’s advertising business is advertising for real estate. Moreover, the real estate industry is a huge profit industry, so the company began preparations for the real estate industry. Similarly, the real estate industry boss, in fact, very little understanding of the internet. They don’t understand the Internet, SEO, conversion, and so on. In a word, they are little white. Let’s serve them well