Web interaction design paging, case analysis, different forms of Pagination



function: jump to the previous page or next page.

elements: the basic elements of classification are: upper page + page number + the next page (such as Mark 1); total page number (such as Mark 2); jump page (such as Mark 3); confirm button (such as Mark 4);


scene: according to the above basic elements, there will be different combinations in different scenes,

(Scene 1) 19 floor Forum:

When the number of

forum pages will reach thousands of pages; page content is affixed to the top or continue to update the original post so users will view the home page original post, and then selectively view some message page. The chances of manually turning it all over are almost 0; so the forum page will have the following features:

1. most users will either flip the page directly or select back to the post list after reading the original post, so add a page to the bottom, and set the shortcut to return list

2., so the "1" page is the function of home, and always has the "1" page, which is used in the middle"… "Indicates an unknown page number;

3. provides only " home page 1+5 consecutive page number + last page " page number; developers should consider the average user up to 5 pages of content. Or just skip to the last page, so display the last page number and the shortcut button that jumps directly to the last page;


(Scene 2) micro-blog:

user browsing information on the information, will like to read the newspaper page like browsing down, so "on page" and "next page" with the highest number; second is the jump page, as embodied in the concept lightweight micro-blog, the middle part of the traditional page flip is simplified into a drop-down menu, either identifies the current page position and can flip switch jump;

Sina Weibo: a page of 45 small, more turn the page, the previous page, the next page, and a few pages, the default push 10 pages


(Scene 3) Baidu search page:

1. search results for the first time only provide 10 page numbers; general users in the 10 pages have not found the content, you should change the search content. Both the footprint graphics and the following page numbers can be clicked to add page interest

2., because search users don’t usually go back to the home page, so the page has only a shortcut button on the previous page and the next page,

3. click on any one