Talking about two factors influencing the development of local micro-blog domain name and news posit

two factors are seriously restricting the development of local micro-blog:

one is domain name;

is a message location (in fact, micro-blog profit problem);

first, the domain name:

what kind of domain name micro-blog has been bothering you, for example, you want to build a Tianjin micro-blog, you may choose the following domain name form:

1 and (that is, the form of place names +weibo)

2, (that is, wei+ domain name)

3 and (i.e., V+ place names)

4 and (i. e. area code +weibo form)

we see that the problem here? First, the domain name is too long. In Tianjin it is only 12, if it is in Guangzhou? Guangzhouweibo is a 14 bit, too long; second, the domain name is also very long, but you can use the Wei word will also get V, or if you the station is bigger, others may immediately with a; third in fourth, and second; digital + Pinyin combination of domain name will have a little inconvenience in the input, especially when using a mobile phone, the Internet need to switch some trouble;

so, we have to ask, is there a better micro-blog domain name than this? The answer is to replace Weibo with 58, Tianjin micro-blog, we’ll use 02258.COM, Chongqing micro-blog, and we’ll use 02358.COM. Why use 58 instead of Weibo? Because: the first and 58 pronunciations are the most similar to the WEIBO (5 pronounce the initial letter of W, the same as the initials of WEI, and the initial pronunciation of 8 is B and the initial letters of BO). Second, 58 in the eyes of the people is a lucky number; third, matching with the city code, combined into a pure digital domain, either in PC or input on mobile phone is very convenient (in the near future, mobile phone Internet users is expected to exceed PC, so we have to consider the convenience of the use of mobile phone domain). In the domain name has been circulating a sentence called "digital" will speak, use it in micro-blog has been the best interpretation! "


in addition, it was also mentioned that, with 02258 or 58022? That is web site is called Tianjin micro-blog or micro-blog called Tianjin? The answer is obviously, we can refer to the local newspaper (micro-blog news network, media) name, such as Tianjin daily, Chongqing daily, Yangcheng Evening News (I forget to say that 58 can also be transliterated "evening news" or "micro"), never heard of Tianjin daily, Chongqing daily, Yangcheng Evening News right? So we should.