My opinion on the way to improve the credibility of sales Station

establish a sales type site is more and more webmaster site selection, but in the sales type site set up, promotion to a certain flow, flow has, but conversion rate is still so low. The reason why? In the end, it is mainly because the site allows users to produce the trust is not enough. After all, nobody will buy anything in a site where they can’t even feel it. Now many Taobao customers too, every day there are hundreds of thousands of traffic, but the effective conversion rate is scanty, the reason is not too much, or is the site’s credibility is not strong, so that users can not buy goods on the site. So, one touched the unclear trust, to affect the conversion rate how much? Today I to tell you how to improve trust sales of their site, grasp every user experience.

first leave a valid contact on the site, which is essential for each sales site, because users need to contact the seller when they want to do some pre-sales advice or want to know the after sales service. If a sales site even effective contact are playing flicker, just leave a not commonly used, and the user in consulting a long time nobody responded to the conversion rate is a big hurt. At the same time, for sales type sites, to improve the credibility of the site, do not just leave a contact, need to diversify, after all, some users like telephone consultation, feel more realistic. Some users love online chat tool, it is convenient and save money, so stay in the sales site contact, need to increase several links, such as help 400 calls to the trust, which is the most basic. You can also leave more effective calls, QQ, mail, fax and so on. There should be no less than two contacts for a sales site, and each of these contacts must remain valid. This is a way to maximize trust by responding promptly to user inquiries.

secondly, when we do common website optimization, we all know how much the site’s access speed has on it. Similarly, in the promotion of sales type of site trust, the site’s access speed is also very important. Imagine, when you want to buy a sweater, and click on the search results in the site for a long time are not open, or directly display the default browser error, so to let users believe that the strength of the site help? But many owners in order to improve your site traffic, increasing some specific search engine code. At the same time may be in order to satisfy their own visual impact, increase the large size of the pictures on the website, this website makes the need to load the things, you will naturally make the site access speed decreased, especially to increase the number of FLASH more affect the site access speed. So, if the site’s access speed can not allow users to open in 3 seconds, then this site in the hearts of users generated confidence will be very low. If you can’t increase your site access speed, let the user >