Then put on record skills record status for the audit or not to record, how to do

An article "

I in March 18th A5 published some important experience for fast website to help you quickly get the majority of owners recognized by audit", also received record consulting many webmaster, in the process of accepting the webmaster consultation, I found several universal problems, take this opportunity to solve these problems and provide some methods to solve some analysis and.

since the publication of the article, my QQ is busy, basically all the friends from the A5 advisory, but the question is basically these

1, my web site for the record, the record is in the state audit or not for the record, but after a few months, or even one or two years have not been approved,

2, the process of filing the website, the information submitted was returned several times, I do not know how to do;

3, the space access provider does not audit my record.

for the above problems, the following analysis of the reasons and provide some solutions,

1, in the previous article, I mentioned the record time and length, a great relationship is and the record area of Beijing, Guangdong, can not fill because the network is developed, resulting in the accumulation of Guangdong at least a month, to Beijing for two or three months, or even longer (Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, meeting) in Inner Mongolia, it is best not to fill in, so the record time, the best choice of other areas, there is a reason, when submitted data, incorrect information, at this time, the record has been for the audit, is not to want to change through, too, we call the record stuck, or death this station is the most depressed! So to remind you just contact the website for the friend, be sure to read the record for the Ministry of industry and process carefully, not to submit the information is most probably it did not actually happen, the best in the With the help of a friend to submit, this will reduce the risk of filing, improve efficiency, twice the effort,

2, on the second, I think the reason is the webmaster for lack of experience, not carefully understand filing procedures and instructions, or be negligent, filing information is not detailed, or fill in error, or missing, these mistakes are mistakes, is to be avoided, the solution and the first point about a detailed understanding of the filing requirements, or seek help friends.

3, third points this situation there are two possibilities, one is not space jierushang communication is good, not ask for complete access providers should fill in what is cheap, two owners with inferior space or free space, the space that is not the case for most negative. The solution is to spend money, buy the regular IDC space, then the space may help for the record, he is not in trouble, if you are filing, it should ask clear space jierushang detailed information on the record of


sum up the above content, in order to quickly and correctly through the filing, then submit the record before you learn to record related knowledge