Teach you how to destroy your blog in a flash

when you see how to teach yourself how to destroy your blog in a flash, you might be surprised at why Clarky is crazy and doesn’t want to write any more blogs,


first of all, please rest assured that Clarky is OK, just a little bit stimulated yesterday. But today, I’m going to tell you how to destroy your blog in a flash.

according to the personal experience, I summed up the five strokes, strongly recommend five blog killer, each of which is enough to move in a moment to destroy your blog, My friends, Be Careful


one, never backup, this trick deserves to be the first killer of blog killer. The whereabouts of the ghost, often when you do not pay attention to behind the start, the other you impossible to guard against its power, great strength, explosive force is full, enough to make any one blog instantly collapse, to remedy the situation, but it’s too late. Do not believe you try, never backed up fame is not cover


two, in the blog this abusive action power advantage is no trivial matter, so you can quickly become an object of hatred, people cry object. However, according to Clarky, only a small number of blog friends are used, usually only when dealing with enemies, but with little success. So good, not for everyone to use, what a pity! So it had to temporarily list the second killer blog.

three, abandon oneself, it can let the blog immediately stop updating and die. But this only works for some people, after all, not everyone has this trait. Because some people blog is just a kind of fun, and really want to make a difference in the blog on too few people, so its power will rarely appear, usually in the blog entrepreneurs starting period and the trough will see, currently ranked third in the blog.

four, which is re published with Zoundry, can quickly modify the article’s address and paralyze the blog. If you set up a permanent link for a blog, it can play its powerful part. Yesterday I had a back, I wanted to use WLWriter to add the internal links, but not too convenient, with Zoundry Blog Writer, did not think of is to add internal links too convenient, there is a list of articles on the left, just copy and paste it, and then re released by less than ten minutes for nearly 30 articles add good internal links, but later discovered, it will be the permanent link all modify the format of the class, suddenly let my blog are messed up, if I did not do the backup, it will make me mad this trick really cow X!! some killer blog ranking fourth.

five, this is the power of the abuse of the plug-in is quite big, four cell phone but personal feeling than above, still a little frightened, because Clarky only to see it so that the article can not be updated, (using the cos-html-cach>