The supermarket opened may extend sellers delivery service

is now the rural consumption demand is growing, the number of township supermarket are constantly increasing, resulting in mutual competition is very intense, if not to be able to develop some services, but can not win in the competition. This small advice, if the supermarket opened in the township, may wish to extend some sellers delivery service, which will have a bigger boost to the development of the supermarket business.

from the supermarket opened up, I began to deliver goods to the countryside, township residents purchasing power, which won a lot of money income for my supermarket. Every day my wife keeps a shop in the supermarket, I drive to the countryside, a long time, I and the villagers are familiar with. So, there are villagers asked me to help bring the online shopping parcels back, because the courier basically sent to the county seat, do not go to the countryside to send, and the villagers are busy farm work, a trip to the county is not easy. My finger, it brings convenience to them, the villagers were very grateful to me.

one day, I suddenly thought, since the courier is not to carry out rural business, why can not I can not express the delivery of the field to open up? Today, many villagers are equipped with broadband home, they often shop online, but also has a lot of purchasing power, courier business can be a lot of it. The more I think about the excitement, the second day early in the morning, and several courier companies made contact, listen to my ideas, they feel very good.

after a lot of negotiations and communication, I became a rural courier. Every day I have to deliver these vehicles to the township, to send express can be made easily. Then, when I went to the township delivery, they told the villagers when shopping, be sure to let the seller choose I am responsible for the courier company, so that I can help them send a door. When the country courier, both the villagers went to the county to take the trouble, and help the courier company to expand the business, every month I can get an income from the courier company, this is really one!

every day before departure, I have to go to a few courier companies responsible for the trip, loaded on the package and then happy to start. Every place, I found that the villagers are more welcome than ever before, and some early in the village, want to get their own package. It was a wonderful feeling to see them coming to greet me like a vip. After receiving the package, they will also buy some small goods from me, so that I sell goods also increased.

for the supermarket business will not have any impact on the contrary will be welcomed by more villagers, naturally will naturally promote the supermarket business. Anyway, now I deliver rich and colorful life, sellers send a delay, I not only gain the benefits, but also gain a happy!