What should be done to open shop selling baby

a lot of business entity shop entrepreneurs should have this experience, the money stock finished, the transaction completed, there is no relationship between what, then, is to open the shop? Open shop not a deal is a circulatory system engineering, some sellers often think that Everything will be fine. sent out parcel post, in fact, this is only the beginning of the next job. What should we do when the package is sent out?

1, enter the waybill number

is the input waybill number, of course, you can also import before shipment. As long as you can ensure that the goods can be shipped today, it is also possible to enter in advance.

two, plus buyers for friends

Some sellers may only sell

baby, not pay attention to this, some buyers will take the initiative to add you as a friend, but some of them are directly and ask you some questions, but not to add you as a friend, you should take the initiative with the buyer for friends (as long as buyers have to ask, you can add them as a friend), and some the buyer did not talk to you directly photographed, you should also add them as a friend.

: I believe that the benefits of doing so many sellers will store promotions written in character signature want it, as a friend, you can see your buyers personalized signature, Mozhun created the next business for you.

three, a good friend

in want to do a good job for different friends classification, which is to buy the baby shop buyers, those who just come over to ask buyers, those who are too high because of the price did not buy the buyer

to do so: according to the different groups of buyers, out of different promotional methods, and even can analyze the number of buyers who are more, you can make a corresponding promotion.

four, the establishment of buyers group

according to the above classification, the establishment of different want group, shop decoration, but must ensure that the group is alive, many sellers also build customer base, but those groups are basically not how people speak. This is to see him how to mobilize the atmosphere in the group.

to do so: the corresponding promotion can be sent to the corresponding group, so that the first time buyers know. And the group is a platform, where there are buyers, they will share their feelings for the baby shop, if the baby in their own shop in the quality of the baby did not believe that the proposed group.

five, visit customer

baby sold, not all things are completed, pay attention to the time the buyer received the goods, when the buyer received the goods did not