Massage three points against the hot weather

for a period of time before the high temperature with autumn season, the temperature slightly eased, many people are delighted. However, at high temperature after the beginning of autumn, but once again came. After the beginning of autumn often there will be short-term to hot weather, heat intolerable, damp heat of summer, people often referred to as the "autumn tiger mountain. This is usually the time of Mofu, experts said, the Mofu, at home doing massage body-building safe surrender qiulao Hu.

according to "Ying Xiang" moistening dryness

rubbing Yingxiang acupoint with clearing heat and expelling wind, to dry lungs, Xuan nose effect. Located in the alar rim Yingxiang point about 0.5 inches, nasolabial fold. Before the massage, relax the tongue against the palate, hands the middle finger to the Yingxiang acupuncture point, to have a sense of soreness, two hand finger or fingers clockwise each finger belly rub 20 to 30 times to Yingxiang point sour, bloated, degree fever.

according to the "extreme spring" regulating the heart

is the first point of the heart meridian of hand Shao Yin, located at the apex of axillary, axillary artery pulsation. The point on the treatment of heartburn, chest tightness, throat thirst, often play according to the "spring" Regulating Qi and blood, and chest Qi, maintenance of heart and lung. Play on time should be soft, action should be coherent. The amount of each shot should vary from person to person, generally about 10 times.

at "Zusanli" and relieve inflammation

"Zusanli" are physical fitness, relieve inflammation of the stomach gold point. The hole is located outside the knee straight down four horizontal refers to. One of the most commonly used massage way, make a fist, back to the first finger knuckles as a focal point, or natural hand, with the thumb pulp as a focal point in a selected point on circle massage. Each point massage 3 ~ 5 minutes.

though not many people with acupoint massage experience, however, this three points not only available, but their massage easily, so, in the face of high temperature once again come autumn, may wish to massage three points such as the "fight" oh.