Operating radiation products bring health wealth

technology is developed, people’s life is convenient, but the radiation of electronic products is growing at the same time also brought in large scale, this is a kind of harm, but also a timely grasp the business opportunities, countless people, so rich. Therefore, the operation of radiation products, will bring you health and wealth.

speaking the term "electromagnetic radiation" we will not be unfamiliar, color TV, refrigerators, household electronic products such as computer will produce electromagnetic radiation in the work process. Electromagnetic radiation pollution has become the fourth major environmental pollution following water pollution, air pollution and noise pollution. Electronic products can not be used, electromagnetic radiation has to prevent.

investment and benefit analysis

in before the formal operation, the best to do a research on the local market, in order to select the largest market potential products. Usually take the way of selling is a comprehensive urban shopping malls into its own image as a cabinet appliances boutique counters, and then through the local evening news published direct advertising, and recruitment of 3-5 Customers Manager of the affected large enterprise group purchase offensive.

system to calculate, take a city sales agent needs to order funds of about 10 thousand -15 million / month, rent a image of the office 80 square meters to 2000 yuan / month, the company operating costs about 4000 yuan, the monthly wages of workers is about 2000 yuan; newspapers in addition to the cost of production enterprises supporting part to invest 5000 yuan. Then the project needs to be prepared to control the funds within 200 thousand yuan, the monthly cost of fixed investment in less than 20 thousand yuan.

from the sales point of view, each piece of the sales forecast is 150 thousand yuan, the 50% from the 40% group purchase from advertising, direct marketing. 3 months after the expected monthly sales steady at $200 thousand -30, of which counter sales accounted for 30%, accounting for the group accounted for more than 40% of direct advertising accounted for $30%. Estimated monthly sales profit should be 50 thousand -10 million, after deducting costs can be 3-7 million profit, the ratio of return on investment is still relatively optimistic.

operational recommendations