How to earn money after joining the hotel

        we know that entrepreneurship is not an easy thing, then opened a shop, business together is a knowledge, let us know that how to manage the money to join the hotel? Hope to give you more entrepreneurial help.

        people in the travel or travel time is inevitable and the hotel deal, so entrepreneurs choose to open a good hotel is a good choice of the rich, for consumers, the Select Hotel brand is the most valued service, so entrepreneurs how to improve hotel service to join the level of


        1, special services: hotel management requires not only a complete service facilities and entertainment projects, but also can win in the market competition of the one and only services, special services in business projects and services in different ways, in order to attract customers.

        2, additional services: This is a special service for the convenience of customers to provide a service. Special services are mainly active free to provide customers with additional services, such as complimentary drinks, provide information, contact the car, etc..

        3, pay attention to service: pay attention to service in the hotel are often ignored, but the customer service of these small pay more attention, for example, when a customer in second or second times a day with a hotel stay, service personnel can call out his name. Then he feels he is valued and happy. In addition, expressing concern for the health of the identity of the customer, the guests melancholy expressed concern and sympathy, praised the new fashion new hairstyle, for the guests, congratulations such a success to customers, will let guests feel valued.

        4, home service: all hotel equipment and facilities services are prepared for the arrival of the customer, so the customer should make all feel like at home convenient and comfortable. In order to do this, we need to know more about the habits and preferences of the guests, and offer a kind of love, so that customers can produce a kind of " this is the hotel where I live "  . In this way, the hotel will not only benefit from the guests for a long time, but also to allow guests to become a permanent salesman.

        5, glory service: "customer is God" service purpose, reflect the customer in the center of the hotel. How to improve the service level of the hotel? In the course of providing service to the hotel, each guest will be served according to the specifications and manners of the VIP guests to reflect the status of the guests