Such a store to expand the size of the business as before why

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to help consumers, we will often see a store in this market, it is still small face, business is very hot, but when the scale but not before sales, how is this going? Xiao Bian on the following example to illustrate the crux of the problem.

met a very strange boss, he said, his original business is very good, but now the business is not good, he did not know why.

1, no service, no experience, no environment, but the business is very good

turned out to be an old shop, opened in a small street, why open here because this is their own house, do not need to pay rent. Outside, busy streets, but through an alley to get to the store.


store is sold, then, there is a fried cold noodle, there is a Cucumber in Sauce. The three dish is his main dish, is good in advance of halogen Zhushou, limited supply of daily, because only these, sold it off.

house can not say any characteristics, is the original home of the old yard, not the kind of square.

divided into several rooms, the room is not the same tables and chairs, all kinds of. The boss is directly from the neighborhood to move over there, and later gave a token even if the money.

tableware is also all sorts of strange things, the dishes are not the same, chopsticks patiently pick, because you may pick up to two completely different chopsticks.

to pour yourself, to get back his kitchen water, a customer may Teapot Tea and still want to go inside, clean water pool, tea at the door of the cupboard, opened the door to see a hand falling off the basic lacquer tea, the original pattern has don’t want to drink strong tea, he put some tea, no one can say you.

shop waiter is the boss of a few relatives, are more than and 40 year old aunt level, there is no sense of service, and service attitude is also very bad, always throw his face to see you.

Almost all

services are a buffet, sometimes comes late, in order to grab food, ran to the kitchen door waiting, dish out, no matter who is the first to get yourself on the table to eat, you sitting at the table and so on for a long time, but not to food, finally asked the boss, the boss said: No.

do you like to eat, do not eat it, the boss will not to retain you.

although it is to serve, not