Tens of thousands of white-collar workers to open a cake shop to do sugar cake

cake is a lot of people like to eat food, cake shop is everywhere, how to successfully run a cake shop? Let’s see how she does it! In Beijing, Yizhuang, an ordinary building, there is such a cake studio, it makes the whole floor filled with cake aroma. Open the CC CAKE cake custom studio door, wearing a towel, an apron with cake baker Liu Chundan, and her buddies in the kitchen busy, people like to see the famous "Kim Sam-soon love cake".

Liu Chundan said his love for the cake is innate, not only like to eat, but also like to do it yourself. "At first I followed a famous blog to make a cake." The cake was made her to the unit to colleagues, did not expect to be unanimously praised. "A lot of people who have tasted my cake ask me why I don’t shop?" This let Liu Chundan gradually moved heart.

thirty in the early years of Liu Chundan, in his career in the first ten years is a veritable white-collar workers, a monthly salary of over 10000. "But, I don’t like that kind of work, why can’t I find what I like to do, always work for others?" "A month, I made up my mind, since love cake, then do the cake." So, in June 2014, Liu Chundan founded his own brand – CC CAKE cake custom studio.

is the original source of the original students, colleagues and friends." It is not enough to rely solely on the word of mouth, so she chose to open shop in Taobao. Because the raw material is good, taste good, formal business after more than a month, has come to subscribers. The studio was originally Liu Chundan himself alone, more orders later, she pulled the art of a sister and a former colleague, now the studio has 6 members.

most let Liu Chundan headache is logistics. Unlike other items, the general courier company can not send." Liu Chundan said, do not take the subway traffic jam, one day also sent four or five bar." With the expansion of the size of the studio, the gradual increase in personnel, and now encounter mass delivery time, will be deployed to deliver a special.

Most of Liu Chundan’s

is a sugar cake, which was once famous for "not to eat". "Our cake is not the same, even the cake is a secret recipe." Liu Chundan confidently said that the raw material from the cake, to the ratio of sugar, is a hundred times after the test was successful. "Waste of raw materials to say now I feel bad."

hard work pays off, Liu Chundan cake recipe has been recognized by consumers. In October last year, her orders, the emergence of a large single, such as a fashion party dessert table, recommended