nternet entrepreneurs can become a billionaire place two or three years

a successful entrepreneur, you need to have what kind of conditions? Today, let’s learn from the story. The 27 year old Chen Shijun, a credit card and a few computers, and two friends Internet entrepreneurs founded YouTube, 20 months, less than two years, the company sold to Google Chen Shijun from the credit card debt of $13 billion.

in Chinese, ye Kai 28 year old has become a billionaire, ye Kai as CEO  play crab technology development of   2013  year of the most popular mobile phone game "big head", the game can reach 1  billion profit. Listed companies palm interested in science and technology announced that it intends to use 17.39  100 million acquisition of playing crab technology 100%  equity ownership, play crab 28%  shares of Kai became a billionaire!