Leshan rent extraction fund can be raised 14 thousand yuan per year

the emergence of housing provident fund to ease the housing pressure of many people, can effectively make up their income! Therefore, the Leshan housing provident fund raising is conducive to the broad masses of the people to further ease the pressure on housing. The following and small series of specific understanding.

8 day, reporters from Leshan city housing provident fund management center was informed that in order to support the rental housing consumption, and promote the healthy development of the city’s housing rental market, in July 1st this year, Leshan raised the housing from the housing accumulation fund employee housing standards, the annual maximum from 14000 yuan.

reporter learned that the extraction standard increase as follows: no real single worker can be extracted by the original standard every year 5400 yuan to 7000 yuan a year, no real working year can be extracted by the original standard of 10800 yuan per year increased to 14000 yuan.

It is reported that

, at present, including housing, Leshan, paid workers purchase, construction, rehabilitation, overhaul occupied housing, unemployed and retired, major diseases, natural disasters caused serious difficulties in family life in 12 kinds of circumstances can apply for extraction of housing provident fund.

prices continue to rise, prices are rising, people in the housing this huge pressure, in the face of high prices, in the face of a large number of repayment, many people can not help but sigh. The improvement of the extraction criteria for many poor people, is a great welfare policy.

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